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Behold the “Grigsby™” is finally finished! (my smith,harvey,rutters…


here's a couple of pictures and a general explanation about my latest guitar build. the Grigsby™ or you could just visit my Nocturne Brain Blog for the lengthy spiel about it from a 3 part series I posted that ends up with stuff about the Moonshine '39 amp . http://thenocturnebrainselt...

but this is to point here. The Grigsby is inspired by Deke Dickerson educating me on both PA Bigsby guitars and Jim Harvey Guitars ( a contemporary of sorts and friend of Bigsby). I really liked the feel of the Jack Parsons Bigsby guitar although its a big hollow flat top and mine is much more of the Jim Harvey guitar vibe body with the Gretsch roundup shape


And the new journey I've been on with TK Smith guitar equipment. Really though its an ode to the Father of the Electric guitar, who is unsung while Les Paul and Leo Fender capitalized on his designs. Taking that and my concrete foundational love for all things Gretsch, this guitar had to come to life.

The Grigsby™ is a mash up of a TK Smith take on Paul Bigsby's headstock and 40s epiphone neck shape. A mix of walnut and maple laminated with rosewood fretboard and MOP inlay. the body is from a template of a 54' Gretsch Roundup even though I chose a flat top 3/8" cap of Birdseye maple on sugarpine. Marc Rutters cut this for me and finished it in a slightly tinted nitro finish. Pickups are TK Smiths CCII. The bridge is a stainless steel Tru-Arc that Tim made me for a bigsby Sorkin base. Because I chose to have the pickups flush mounted from the back, they can only rise up from the top so high and thus a Bigsby B-7 had to be used even with the slant neck pocket to get a proper bridge angle. ..and yes I like bolt on neck guitars, I grew up with a Fender Coronado and Airline T & C, sue me. She's strung up with Thomastik 10g jazz Flats and all pots are 300K with a Sprague tone cap and polystyrene cap on the MV for treble bleed. The knobs are cupcake chrome knurled but will change when I locate chrome arrow knobs. I made the pickguard from Garolite (phenolic/bakelite) and lacquered it to death.


Gorgeous! Clips?

Play it in excellent health!

(And stay tuned, for when Chris at Retro finally finishes my build, we'll have cousins in some design features).


Sweet ride you got there, Tavo!


It's gorgeous! Definitely a labor of love. Would love to have heard it thru the same 12" TT speaker...

Just read the last couple of blog posts.... OUTSTANDING! "grab a cuppa" is right!!! I can relate to so much of that. I wish I had access those cats like you do (I'm on the right coast, unfortunately), and while I was AWARE of TK and Deke (and I have some Deke music), you've given me a couple other "rabbit holes" to go down!!

I gotta' say- I love to play, we all do. But your one comment...I probably live for the "sound" of guitars and amps on recordings more than I do wanting to learn how to play what I hear..but thats what drives me ...man, I coulda' written that myself. Thanks for the fantastic read, and be sure to plug that gorgeous plank into the '39 and start filming!!


Just plain awesome. Congrats on your labor of love!


What's the weight? Terrific looking ride.


Yowsa! That's right up my alley. You have EXCELLENT taste in guitar stuff.


Holy Moly! If that sounds as gorgeous as it looks I'd be in trouble.

Interesting you went the B7 route. Any specific reasons for that?


That is one of the most beautiful creations I've ever seen.
If it sounds half as good as it looks, it's a winner.


That's NICE!!!


Twin Charlies and a Bigsby...... that is unreal. And BEYOND cool.


Absolutely gorgeous! Where does a fella get 3/8" birdseye maple for the cap?


That's a beauty, Tavo. Looks like a labor of love!


BTW, if you click on T's link and scroll down to the Harkenrider demo, then go to around 3:00...you'll hear how great this guitar sounds. Not just a looker. What a sound!


Great choices......... great materials.........great outcome!


That's a beauty, Tavo. Looks like a labor of love!

– wabash slim

My thoughts exactly. Well done.


thats really nice. its just the right combination of each to make it beautiful!


That is rather lovely !


Thanks for the feedback guys. Its my hope that maybe Marc Rutters or TK Smith will get some more work for my posting this, they really are interesting characters that love guitars more than breathing air I think. My kind of people :)

@James Brown.. regarding the Maple 3/8" cap.. Marc Rutters picks his woods carefully and mills them in his shop, meticulously and within that,

@Sascha asked about the B-7. Because I wanted Rutters to route out pickup cavities from the back for a flush front, the pickup heights where then limited by the big steel bottom plates of these TK Smith CCII pickups. So even with the neck angle in the pocket the break angle at the bridge had to be increased to get the bridge down low enough for the pickups. He even planed the bottom surfaces of the B-7 to get it as low as possible, and drilled out the string posts old school style.

@Spike ...the weight is 8 lbs. the Sugarpine is very very light 1 piece and I was concerned about neck dive with the large Smith headstock but the weight of the CCII pickups and bigsby give it perfect balance.


Beyond cool! Damn you and your vast and sundry abilities Tavo...


Great axe you've created there Tavo! But that Jim Harvey guitar is mind blowing in it's awesomness!!!


More clips please! Take it for a spin and share...


Very well thought out. A lovely piece of work, Tavo.

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