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I don't recall hearing or reading that he passed away, but it's entirely possible of course.

He did something pretty amazing, in that he's one of the only people who improved on a vintage guitar design while keeping the sound 100% intact. I've had the opportunity to A/B my own JJ six longhorn six string bass with a friend's original, and soundwise, you couldn't tell them apart even if you tried. Adustability, playability and intonation on the JJ is much better.


This is a timely thread for me as well.

I haven't played my Rondo Bass VI clone in a while & pulled it out last week. It's currently set up E - E. I'm thinking A - A or B- B tuning with lighter gauge strings might be a better fit, but wonder about string tension and even string length.

It's a 30" scale guitar with a Fender style headstock and a Jazzmaster/Jaguar style vibrato, so the high E is nearly 40" from post to stop. Are there baritone string sets long enough to be practical for this guitar?

Here's a link to the product page. Mine is black with a tort pickguard.

Argus 630


I had a two pickup JJ baritone for years. 28" scale. I was told it was A to A leaving the factory. Can't confirm that. I went with A to A. Tried B to B but preferred the other. Realized later it was in part the strings. The stock strings were the slightly heavier set, .14 on top. There is a lighter set too (.13 at the high E), which I'll bet works much better with B to B.

The other factor that seemed at played was the amp, and how clean you played. That guitar sounded best to me with a 1x15, played loud and clean. The lower tuning then gives you the wild edge as you dig in hard at higher volumes. With the two p/us, the middle spot is series, not parallel. And that's the other essential ingredient. Extremely responsive to pick dynamics, picking position. You could get this intense little snarl by digging in hard down near the bridge. The low strings would not flap at all if played this way. I miss that guitar.

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