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AXL - Distressed from birth


Yes, you can always relic a guitar, but with one of these all the hard work has already been done. I bought this on the weekend from the local Cash Converts for $130, it's a AXL Badwater SRO. Believe it or not, it's bran spankin new. No fret wear at all, and everything perfect except missing the whammy bar.

No bullshit, I've owned LPs, Teles, Matons, Ibanez and this thing kills them all for sound and is just as playable. Rock maple and rosewood neck with alder body, anodized hardware, and really excellent pots and switch - no crackles or pops. The name is actually branded into the headstock.

I fell in love with this damn thing the moment we looked into each others eyes.


Thanks for the report. Axl has several different models, all at low prices. I like the copper-looking hardware.

And yours plays and sounds good, too? Killer!


Yeah I've seen a few of those around - never tried one though. $130 from Cashies sounds like good buying though - they usually charge top dollar for anything with all it's strings!


What convinced me to buy such a cheapo was all the good reviews on the net by active musicians who have one. Don't take any notice of novices' comments as they're the usual 'the guitar wont stay in tune' or 'I'm very disappointed with the strings, I may have to change them'. Sounds like a good Strat, not a LP with buckers.

They're Chinese made, and while most US companies are setting up in China, AXL have done the opposite and gone to the States! I guess they're pretty sure of their product and want to brand it 'made in the USA'.

I always had probs getting a good clean sound, this thing delivers clean or dirty.


You say "LP with buckers" like it's a bad thing... 8-o

;-) ;-)


Alder bodies (as found on most strats) with single coils have a chimey sound and you can actually hear the wood - the 5 way switch gives a huge range of tonal combinations.

Whereas the mahogany body of LPs, being very heavy wood with only 2 overwound buckers produces a much thicker sound with not much variety between the PUPs, the only difference is either treble or bass, which is what used to be written on the PUP switch.

I wouldn't say ones better or worse than the other, just tonally different. However, if you've never played around with a really good strat you may not know what I'm trying to describe.


AXL is actually Fender's factory in China (Squire line). AXL also distributes Fender products in Asia and South America (joint venture with FMIC).

In 2011, AXL opened up a small shop in CA to assemble and setup guitars with China-made bodies, necks, misc hardware, SD pickups (some models), TonePros, CTS, cloth covered wire, etc. They sell for somewhere around $400-$500 - sometimes even less.


I discovered AXL a few years back, and I enjoy a couple of their toys! They are very nice budget guitars...the AXL Akita amplifiers look inviting as well. A black Fireaxe and the red Wavepoint are great fun when the "metal" mood strikes you! I do love hard rock and metal. Alice in Chains rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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