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So I'm filling in on bass for a friend's band a few dates before they go on tour, then move to Texas. As were practicing I notice the guitarists' Ibanez AS73 has some loose pots so I offer to setup his guitars for the road, and make sure everything will hold together. This guy doesn't even like changing his own strings, so fixing a loose pot is out of the question. So I take this thing home, and after a decent setup, and new strings I play around on it for a while to make sure everything is cool, and just to try it out. I'm really impressed with the quality of this guitar, and it's making me itch for a semi-hollow dot style axe.

Anyway, so I've tried the AS73 and I like it, but there are a few things that bug me. One is the switch position, I'm so used to the Gretsch style now that switching is a pain on that guitar. Two is there is a weird little hump where the neck meets the headstock that is uncomfortable to me when playing open chords (mostly because of bad habits on my part).

So I'm looking around a bit, and I don't want to spend a whole lot on a semi-hollow, because I'm saving for a 6118-120, but I don't think I'll be able to hold off the GAS long enough to wait until I have the Annie.

I found a Peavey JF-1 that looks pretty cool, and has the switch in the right place, the only downfall that I can see from pics online is gold hardware (I really dislike gold hardware). I can live with the aesthetics if it's a decent guitar for a good price. My only problem is I can't really find one locally to play.

Has anyone played this Peavey? Or can anyone offer opinions on the Peavey vs. the Artcore?

Peavey JF-1

Ibanez AS73


They are both pretty cool. But, I still like the epi dot better for the same money. or a used epi dot, sher or casino. More parts for moddin and I think it will hold a better value used if you tire of it and swap for something else.


Ya mean they're not made in the same factory?

I think that Peavey is what is known as "contract made."

Y'know, like a Craftsman knife from Sears is actually made by contract to Shrade, Colonial, etc.

A lot of guitars are contract made by Samick or Ibanez.

Generic guitars coming from China are likely to have similiar problems if the models are the same.

I'd go with an Epi Casino too.


Try the Epiphone Sheraton, they're great guitars for the money.


I have played both the Ibanez AS 73 and the Epi Dot and find the Ibanez to be of a higher and more consistent quality. The only Peavey JF-1 I ever tried had a bolt on neck and I didn't much care for it. If you really want a semi hollow body guitar, you do NOT want an Epi Casino, because this is a hollow body guitar. The Epi Sheraton is about the best budget Es335 style guitar out there and used ones go between $400 and $500. Also, a lot of folks like the Epi Riviera too, especially the model with the mini humbuckers.


I played the Epi Sheraton and didn't think much of it (although with a good setup it would probably be a much better guitar.) I actually wouldn't buy any of the guitars mentioned. I'd keep my little pennies together all the while keeping my eyes peeled for a reasonably priced Anni on the 'bay.


Ripley: I don't know how they stack up pricewise, but a Hagstrom Viking IMO is a far better bet than the Peavey JF-1 — and the switch is in the right place!

I tried all sorts of stuff this time last year when looking for a thinline semi (no way would funds manage a 335) and had narrowed it down to two — the Viking or a Hamer Echotone, which is very much in 335 style. Then I tried a new CT series Hofner Verythin. It's big and certainly, er, very thin (and the switch is down by the vol and tone controls) but it just won out over the Hagstrom in the end. Sorry, I wasn't impressed by the Peavey, but others may well disagree.

Having said all that, if I were looking around right now I'd have to throw the Epiphone Riviera P94 Nick Valensi into the mix: two humbucker-sized P90-ish pickups and a frequensator tailpiece.


I forgot about the Viking. I saw a few of them used dirt cheap. Thats a cool gtr. I like the verythin also. plays and sounds killer. Its just its soo...um...thin


My son has th AF73 in Matte Black.

When the artcores are setup correctly you will not find a better semi hollow or Hollow Body for even close to what they cost. I have Compared them to the epiphone Dots and I thought the af73 blew it away.

I am not sure about the Peavey, but from the people I have talked to there is not a better value out there than the artcore.


Ripley, I used to play an AS73 (mine was Tobacco Sunburst). It's the guitar I traded my first Gretsch (a G1413 Jet Club) for. I had my Artcore from Aug. 2005 till early 2008. It's decent guitar, but IMO kind of bland. One of the main reasons I hung onto it for so long, was due to a lack of money. As for the Epi Dots - I know a lot of players like them, but I have yet to play one I like. I don't like their necks, and I think the pickups are lousy.

I agree with Dave - If you want a 335-style guitar, get a Hagstrom, or if you don't mind the uber thin body, a Hofner Club Verithin is a good guitar. I almost bought one in 2008. It sounded great, and the humbuckers were very feedback resistant (unlike the Epi Dots I've played - those sqealed like pigs when played with anything approaching high gain). One of the only reasons I didn't buy it, was due to it's body being too thin for my tastes.


I have been highly unimpressed with Peavey's import stuff as of late.

I do like the AS73, but if its uncomfortable for you, don't go for it.

I know Washburn makes a 335 style guitar that looks pretty cool and is reasonably priced, haven't tried it though.


I played an Ibanez, last weekend, at The Guitar Center in Gilroy, Calif. and was fairly impressed on overall "Vibe"! :)


Hopes this helps! :)


I'll have to check out that Hagstrom for sure. I went into my local shop a while back and the guy made me play a Hagstrom SG copy, reluctantly I agreed. But holy cow was that a great guitar for the money.

I've played the Epi Dot studio, and standard Dot, neither really did much for me, not like this Artcore.

The only reason I even looked at the Peavey is I have an amazing Peavey bass that I've been playing the hell out of lately, and it's only 299. Beyond that, I know nothing about them. Sounds like I should save some more pennies and go with something better.

I'm a bit leery of Washburns for some reason. I've played a few that were really amazing guitars, but then I've played some that were total dogs too. Maybe if I can play one in person.

Thanks for the advice everyone, that's just what I was looking for. So far the Ibanez is looking good, I can deal with the switch, I'll probably mod the hell out of it anyway. So why not move the switch and sand off the hump in the neck!


Dr.Gretsch, that is the same one that's in my living room right now. I never expected that thing to play or sound like it did.

As for the Casino's, I really, really want a cherry casino, but it's a bit out of range, and I need a semi hollow and/or a guitar with PAFs for some of the things I'm doing right now. I'm dieing to get a P90 guitar, but as good as the 5129 is with high gain stuff (esp. with the Powertron plus) I still need that PAF sound once in a while. My SG has a Hilo in the bridge, and I really like that, but I'm almost ready to take it out because of the need for PAFs.


Ugh on Peavey. While they've offered some great values in guitars, and some well-made instruments, they always just feel generic and sterile to me. I don't know why.

Like most of the posters, I'm impressed with the Artcores. Great when properly set up.

But the best value I've bought in a semi was/is an ESP X-Tone Paramount. Beautifully made, stunning action, and it sounds as good as anything I have. They price in the mid range, but I bought mine used for around 300.00. Stunning guitar for that money.

And don't overlook Agile. Always a lot of guitar for the money.


Thanks Tim, I never would have thought of ESP for a semi hollow. I've seen some Agile's that looked good, but I wasn't sure about the quality.


How about the Xavieres from guitar fetish? They have a sweet semi-hollow that you can nab with either P90s or HBs. They sell for around $320.00.

Look here!


I have a Dean Palomino (blue, full hollowbody, three P-90's, 5-way Strat-style switching, upgraded with a Gretsch rocking bar bridge and base, and Bigsby B-6, autographed by Wayne "The Train" Hancock on the back) that I'm about to put on Ebay.

Cool guitar, but I bought an SSLVO.

I have no choice but to get rid of it.

$450 w/ free shipping in the continental USA. That's for the GDP members only.


I'd love to Troy, I've always liked the Palomino, but like I said, I need something with PAFs before I can get the P90 box that I'm longing for.

Burly, I never even thought about those. I've considered Xavieres before, but it never clicked to look for something like this.

Anyone actually play one of those?


I have gas for this....ala natural



I like my 200.00 Agile all-mahog Less Paul better than my 70s LP Deluxe. Plays better, sounds richer. I've never known quality to be an issue with the Agiles.


oops... I just checked out the white Xavieres. Damn! I wish I would'nt have done that....what a great price

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