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Anyone Looking To Sell Their Ric 660/12?


Looking for a Ric 660/12, preferably in Fireglo, Midnight Blue or Montezuma Brown. TP 660/12 would also do the trick.

Can do a cash sale, partial trade or a direct trade - open to most anything, really.

Please PM me with any questions, offers, etc.



I coudn't deal w/ the killer lo profile frets of the 660/12 so I had a 650 w/ same wide neck, but maple board and big frets converted to a 12 and couldn't be happier. It was an expensive proposition but worth it... I may do a second and sell the first one.

People always want more for the TP model but seems like regular 660/12 can be had for $1800-$2100. Many thanks to the late great TP for making Rick do a wider neck for his model.


Yep. That seems about right, birdman. Interesting conversion. Do you still have it?


What is up, Gretschman36, that you need this guitar? Doing a Tom Petty tribute act?

And Montezuma Brown, eh? That one never appealed to me, I must say. It is hard to beat Fireglo, or JetGlo, although Midnight Blue sounds good. And, of course, a Blue Boy would be pretty special!


Hey, Ric12! Yep. Coming over to the jangle party! I still kick myself for selling my 620 and passing on the 75 Ani.

As far as projects, yep, have a new artist I’ve been working with during her AR development phase and I need “that sound”.

In fact, I just bought a new JangleBox JB 3!

Found a ton of 620/12s, but the neck is a bit skinny.

Also looking at the Reverend Airwave. Specs are about the same as the 660/12, but improvements like locking tuners and their advanced bridge piques my interest regarding better intonation.

Any thoughts wise Ric man?


Yep. That seems about right, birdman. Interesting conversion. Do you still have it?

– gretschman36

The 650-12 is I think one of 3 done so far. Personally I like the Ricken-buckers better than their better known single coils and I assure U there is plenty of jangle outta that bridgebucker.

Only reason is I might do another conversion is that somewhere around 2012 or a bit later changes were made to the 650 --a different bridge which I don't like and it lost a lot of body contouring (Cost cutting, I guess) and thus weighs a pound more and has a thicker neck. So as awesome as this 650-12 is, it's the later style but is the ruby red finish. Had it Plek'd and it is capable of SLA Stupid Lo Action where the distance between the strings and frets is approaching ZERO

I have a 2005 650 6 in ugly Montezuma brown to get converted to Cardinal Red. As much as I like Rick... the natural, black, etc. finishes don't do it for me. Also the 650 metal guard is hideous, and so Pickguardian makes a great plastic guard; and I go w/ master volume and tone instead of the 4 knob setup Pix of it is up here


Just boiught a Fire Glo 650 that I have high hopes for -- it may be converted, depending.


Good info. Thanks. Yep, mapleglo does nothing for me either. But, you don’t like Montezuma Brown? Same with Ric 12. Guess I’m not in the Ric club... yet.

Hopefully,a 660/12 shows up!


Any thoughts wise Ric man? -- Gretschman36

None that would enlighten that decision. I don't know if the Reverend model has the strings reversed like on the Rickenbacker, but that is an integral part of the Rickenbacker sound. If you want that sound, you need a Rickenbacker.


Yes. My tech said i’d need a new nut and some saddle work to string it like a Ric, as I agree, it’s part of “that sound”.

FYI: just sent you a pm...

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