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anyone heard this


I well I dig red guitars and I am eaten up w/ my fiberglass national map bass.

Was wondering if anyone has heard this one -- of course there are Modern World Eastwoods, etc. but of the orignials -- my guess is thse can't be all that loud and not much on bass, but they are so weird I could be wrong. Anyone heard these acoustically... a few had pickups --


well I guess this answers that question



So it just looks retro cool and that's it, eh?

Very cool history!


I would say these sound skronky. No, that’s not a word but that’s what I reckon.

You’ll note the ad makes absolutely no reference to the sound of the thing.

My brother has one of those fancy dan electric National resonators with the P90 and piezo and that sounds legit.


Clean originals have gone for just 750 sometimes. I'd take a chance cause solidbodies don't cut it w folkies, but this might. But then I am doing Timid Folk Music on a solidbody but that's just how I roll

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