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Anyone else love these?


I was visiting my sister last summer in Traverse City, MI. I stopped into a guitar shop downtown, where I played a 50's ES-295, but I eventually left with this guitar: a Mexican made Baja telecaster.

Now, I own quite a few guitars, including half a dozen expensive, US-made ones, and I've had a bunch of telecasters over the years, but this may be my favourite guitar right now. It has a great, great neck and is nice and light. Classic looks. Added a bakelite guard and a tweed case when I got it home. Comes with a four position switch (and a button you can depress to get out of phase sounds--pretty much useless for me). It's a winner. The more I play it, the more I like it. Super comfortable.

Anyone else like these? It is pictured below, along with a picture of an amp I built this summer (Princeton Reverb circuit in an old Gibson Maestro cabinet and a JBLD120 speaker).


I have the 60's Classic Player Baja Tele. Really nice guitars with great pick-ups and other very nice features. If you like a big V neck, you can't beat the 50's Baja.


Toxophilite, thanks! You have to love those speakers. With the bigger cabinet and that 12" JBL, that amp, even with a Princeton circuit, gives my Deluxe Reverb competition! Loud, clean "hi-fi" speaker--I guess that's why some of us like them (and why others don't).

Gretschadelphia, is your Baja the "faded sonic blue" one? I like the 60's Baja teles too, but you are right, they have a slimmer neck (which makes sense, I suppose considering the name).

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