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Anybody else enjoy cheap XGP bodies from Guitarfetish?


I’ve put together three guitars with the XGP bodies, and really like them when it’s all said and done. I’ve found some interesting small problems with them, but none that wrecked the build. I was curious to see if anyone else has used them for projects or what-have-ya.


That guitar consists of a XGP blem/ clearance body on sale for $42. The neck was given to me by a friend that hated it (his name is Todd and he’s a professor, hence the headstock logo). I put this guitar together with the goal of using up a bunch of spare parts I had sitting around.

Bridge And bridge pickup came out of a ‘90’s American tele. Neck pickup is a $12 bargain I bought from Fleor, and it’s the best Tele neck pickup I’ve ever had. Sounds akin to a Strat neck pickup. Clear and fat, and makes the middle switch setting really satisfying, too. Electronics are new, quality stuff (Switchcraft, CTS, etc).

Tuners are from a Mexican Strat. The body is pawlonia wood, and it’s SO light. Electrosocket output jack. I bought the string ferrules from GFS. Pickguard is one a friend gave me because it was warped (I straightened it in the oven on a cookie sheet). Then I made a bone nut for it.


Neck from a $132 Tele copy. Very fat all the way up. Friend hated it. I loved it.


I plugged the mounting holes and re-drilled.


Lining up and mounting bridge. I ended up plugging/ gluing/ re-drilling the string-through holes as they were located strangely from the factory. I covered the evidence with a decal on the back of the guitar.


I soldered the electronics on a plastic template away from the guitar so I didn’t destroy it with heat and molten metal drops.


Boo boo on the back. I understand why they say to use a drill press to drill string-through holes, but I don’t have one. It’s not pretty but it all works. I now know that a red Sharpie is almost the perfect touch-up pen for XGP’s Fiesta Red color.


Cheap but great neck pickup. Better than any Duncan I’ve had.


Prior to any of this, I leveled, crowned and polished the frets on the neck. I really wanted to learn these skills, and this was my second project that came out great. Thanks, Todd!

This guitar really rings, and it rings true, somehow. It made me not be so in-love with my mid-‘90’s Fender JD Tele (that I loved).


My brother teaches a high-end "shop class" (whatever they're called now) at a well-heeled suburban high school, and does guitar build projects every year with several students. He's frequently used the GFS Xavier bodies and been well pleased with them as good starting points.


Ever since I hit my Middle Ages, I really wish I’d have taken any kind of shop class. I’ve used three of these bodies, and each one has at least a small quirk that I have to fix or work around. Great for learning!


I have a Guitarfetish Xaviere JazzMaster clone that belonged to Bear. No assembly required, so not quite the same as above. Nobody’s going to trade the real deal for it, however, it is a decent guitar with a nice neck and pickups. If looking for an inexpensive good for the money guitar, they fit the bill. I like this Tele.


I have finished and put together 4 GFS bodies during the pandemic this year. Each year I do 1-2. Most I donate. One needed some work to get the neck to fit right but the others worked without a hitch. Add in the pickups with the easy connection, no soldering needed.


Baba Joe and drmilktruck: do you have any pics of these creations? I’m sure I saw the Bear Jazzmaster, but it’s been some years.


I guess I should have put this thread in the “Workbench” section, but I hadn’t planned on really getting into the construction of that guitar. I just kind of went with it...


This is a StewMac kit:

The rest are GFS:


My first pandemic activity was putting to good use a bunch of spare parts I had laying around. With the help of the ultra cheap GFS light weight (PAULOWNIA wood) bodies, I whipped up these two summertime, fun times Fender wanna-bees, a Tele and a Strat.

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