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Any knowledge about Korean Hohner guitars?


I'm eyeballing a nineties Hohner Professional st 59 (strat copy) on a local auction site.

I can't find much info about it. It's made by Cort, and has a maple neck.

I like that it has a modern two point trem, rolling string trees and a graphite nut.

I'd like to know what wood the body is made from and what sort of pickups (ceramic or alnico, actual rods or a bar underneath) and board radius.

Is it better or at least on par with current Squier Standards?



This guy sure made his Hohner tele copy sound pretty damn good.


yep. i would totally buy one of the old/original ones if they weren't horrendously overpriced and treated as "vintage."



Harley Benton (Thomann's house brand) makes an affordable copy of that Prince Tele.


The Hohners I've seen from that era were made by Samick and Peerless, and quite good. The guitarist in a band I was playing with in the early 2000's got a Hohner ES-335 copy that was very impressive at a silly good price.



Harley Benton (Thomann's house brand) makes an affordable copy of that Prince Tele.

– Gerry Ratrod

Ger, what's the quality on the Harley Bentons? Because those are silly prices. I imagine they vary. But the one that catches my eye is the Brian May Red Special repro.


i'll check the Harley Benton out.


only £152! that's impressive. imma be all over that in November when i'm done with the Great Big September Road Trip and my funding situation calms down. tyvm.



I have no personal experience with HB but there's plenty of youtubers who claim that they're really good bang for the buck. I am GASing for their Cabronita but I need a Strat first.


This one has a C serial number first number is a 2. From what I gathered it would have been made by Cort in '92. I have tried a Samick Strat copy once but I didn't like the neck.


Like several other guitar companies, Hohner likely subbed out solid bodies to Cort and hollows/semis to Samick/Peerless.


We used to sell Hohners at the music store i worked at in the '90s, some of them were great guitars. I wish i would've snagged a Prinz then. I have this Hohner P bass that looks like its from the early to mid '70s Japan, this thing is killer and rivals any Fender P i've ever played. Wildeman


Thanks for all the input everybody but I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

I couldn't find any convincing sound clips.

And it's black with a grey perloid pickguard en white pickups and knobs. I couldn't think of a worse color scheme.

I'm afraid it could become a money pit that I'll never bond with.


If you're looking for an inexpensive Strat-type guitar, check out Stagg. I got this one for $175 brand new (including shipping), and it plays and sounds as good as any Fender I've tried. Admittedly, I'm not a huge Strat guy, so it's not my main guitar, but it does everything I can imagine wanting a Strat to do.


I'll put it on my list of candidates, Parabar.


A slight turn of events.

A bidder retracted his offer. So I put in a bid I feel comfortable with spending, factoring in the costs of a new pickguard and backplate.

Who knows we'll have another NGD thread incoming.

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