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From whom did you commission the 360f?

– Strummerson

Well,i don't want to say here on the internet , it was commissioned from Europe ,but he was ordered to stop ,he received the cease and desist letter from Rickenbacker ,so he only does restorations and customized work now.


My recent foray into Ric land hipped me to those Rose Morris ones with the F-hole. Were they only for import into the UK?

Sort of. The Rose Morris models were imported to the UK, but some equivalent models were sold in the US. Not sure if they were custom orders or just surplus from Rose Morris production. The designation for the F-hole was an "S" added to the model number. I.e., a Rose Morris 1998 would be a 345S or a Rose Morris 1993 would be a 360S/12. And then there's the 325, which always had f-holes rather than slashes.


If you are to believe Richard Smith's Rickenbacker book ,production totals for Rose Morris .

In 1966 25 1998's where sent to Australia . 27 345S and 2 335S models went to Italy. 25 335s went to Sweden. And 25 335S went to Canada.


One of my favorite players talking about the Rose Morris Ricky 12’s a couple minutes in.

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