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Another Tele Thread


TV Jones makes some monster Tele pu's....basically T'Armonds in Tele clothes. In the demos I've heard, they sound like the biggest, baddest ass Tele pu's ever.


I think I want to try a vibromate kit. Which model is correct for the Squier CV custom Tele?


I swapped my VM Telecaster for a Levinson electro acoustic a couple of months ago. No regrets as such because I needed a decent acoustic — but I missed having a Tele. So after a bit of horse trading last week I'm now the owner of this. The previous owner I know very well and he assures me the body is Fender, although exactly how old I don't know. The neck certainly isn't Fender but is a real beauty — a nice handful of baked maple, well fretted for a low, fast action. Notes really 'ping' off the fingerboard. Sounds great plugged in.


That looks fantastic, Dave!


I'm trying to i/d the neck and not getting very far. Any ideas anyone?

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