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another one surfaces


These people were involved in my stolen 54 round up. I had to go to court and lost my money and guitar. Nuff said


Isn't London St. of Denmark a shady dealer?

As shady as they come. It's the renamed Music Ground, owned by the ex-con father and son duo Richard and Justin Harrison.

I didn't know Mal Evans was in charge of distributing unknown Beatle guitars. Somebody should ask him about it.

– Afire

Exactly! Big ole Mal was never tasked with "giving" away gear. Bogus on so many levels.


What's with the covered-polepiece pickups? Isn't London St. of Denmark a shady dealer? Cool if true - about the guitar I mean. I wonder what happened to John Fogerty's Fender Mustang, the one he used in the Golliwogs.

– lx

From their Fifties introduction to at least the late Sixties,Musicmasters /Duo-Sonics came standard with covered pickups.


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