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I wrote four paragraphs on Henry J just now...

Then I decided he wasn't really worth the space, so I will settle for one phrase which I seriously doubt he will ever read:

"Henry, Gordon Gekko was a character in a satirical movie, not a prophet."


Shame the writer doesn't seem aware Gibson had a history BEFORE the 60s. There's a lot more at stake than rock & roll slabs. The history in mandolins, banjos, development of the archtop jazz guitar, Charlie Christian, preachin' to the choir, I know. He might have mentioned Les Paul as a bridge figure.

But OK, a modestly astute article from a layman. Wherein Henry even admits to mistakes, and shows a glimmer than he's glimpsed a post-Henry Gibson reality. That's all to his credit - and a sign of hope.

But of course the article ends with Henry musing about what's best for (the very last word in the piece) "myself."

Maybe that's skillful NYT writing and editing after all, capturing an important truth on the sly.


Ha! Tim said Henry Gibson.


Ha! Tim said Henry Gibson.

– Suprdave

I was thinking the same thing!


They don't look entirely dissimilar.


If Gibson, particularly Henry J were a horse, it would've been shot a long time ago. I wish it would just die so Henry J gets removed from the situation entirely and restructuring can begin. Untill he's purged it's just blah, blah, blah.

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