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An often asked question.


There are times when a particular guitar can not be played or even heard.

I was intrigued by this Phantom guitar. Made in Oregon, not sold in stores. I had to seek opinions from those who have them before I plunked down my thousand bucks.


I think it helps you make an educated decision. If I have a guitar that someone else has and they have also played the guitar I'm thinking of getting then they'll definitely be able to give a closer comparison between the two.

With a wide range of players on this board, you're bound to find someone who has played that specific guitar anyway and give their opinion on it.

Kind of like movie critics. They're not always right but if you read enough of them you know how they rate and how your tastes align and then you're better off. Apparently nobody liked Alien Covenant. I liked it a lot.

Anyone like the reissue Danelectros?


I think it's a polite way of asking if a guitar SUCKS.

– Curt Wilson

What he said.


I see nothing wrong with it. The collective hundreds or thousands of years' experience here is of great value. Sometimes learning others' thought process and how they arrived at a conclusion is of more value than the person's opinion of the product itself.

Bax would surely need a lot less data storage space if it wasn't for these type of threads.


The question that always gets me is when the person knows what kind of guitar they want but they want help deciding what color to get. I always think to myself, "get the color you like the best." Why ask total strangers? For that matter, why ask anyone?

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