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an inexpensive cannon


Picked up a 90s Martin D-1.. us made, loads of them around in the $650-$750 range... got mine for $500 and I am amazed at how loud this thing is... beats some D-18s. Doesn't have the depth of a D-28, etc. but for sheer volume produced (13s help!) it's pretty amazing. D-1 may have been the name of their first D size model say in the 1930s, etc but this thing is pretty cool for the price.


Congrats. First generation D-1's are fantastic guitars. I had one and stupidly sold it. The 90's D-1's were the first all solid wood Made in USA Martins to list for under $1,000 w/ HSC. They sound great, play great and are basically bullet proof. The necks are sort of a bolt-on apparatus and they just don't move.

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