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I bet you'd like the Martin Retro (monel) strings BZ!


Thanks....now find me some spray wax.


I don't think there are any good acoustic strings anymore. They're now all designed to make the Piezo pickup under the bridge sound better, and since those have such an odd tone, electric acoustic and acoustic acoustic don't share common requirements. Take your time machine back to the 60's or early 70's and bring back some Darco New Yorker Light guage. ( light meant .012's) Get me some Pledge Spray Wax while you're back there.

– Billy Zoom

Yeah,this acoustic came with D'Angelico Electrozinc 12's.Sounded dead,they are electric strings,I suppose to,as you say,make the piezo sound better.It doesnt,I hate the piezo,will likely never use it.In fact,I'm looking for a replacement bridge without a piezo.As for the Pledge,I have an old can of "Cabinet Magic" I use,a similar spray wax,smells better.Pretty sure they still sell Pledge,tho.


Yes, J&J still sells a product called pledge...but it says "Wax Free" right on the label. It's just silicone and smell now. It used to have real Carnuba wax in it, but that Pledge was discontinued in the 80's.


Silicon,eh? Guess they solved that "wax buildup" problem.


Thanks....now find me some spray wax.

– Billy Zoom

Here you go, original "Pledge", haven't seen this in a while


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