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A Rare Baldwin-Burns Treasure



Pretty cool!

Also - as is rarely the case - the ad copy and description are well worth reading. Interesting perspective on Jim Burns and his work.


This one stopped me dead in my tracks, on your other thread with the picture gallery.


Recently discussing guys having an affinity for a particular guitar and this guy mentions owning 14 of the exact same guitar.


I am strangely drawn to this guitar... perhaps it's my affinity for the Kay Thin-Twin (and the like) models, which this Baldwin-Burns seems to emulate (sort of). I dunno... but I certainly wouldn't kick it out of bed!


Lee Anderton (of Anderton's Music) recently acquired this exact Burns model and it appears in one of their new videos.

Around the 3:00 min mark:

P.S. The UA reverb sounds marvellous, btw.


My same thought - Thin Twin.

Stunning guitar...stunning.


Looks to me like a Kay Thin Twin and a Musicraft Messenger had a baby together.


Looks to me like a Kay Thin Twin and a Musicraft Messenger had a baby together.

– Tartan Phantom

I was thinking the love child of the Jimmy Bryant Rickenbacker and a Martin dreadnaught.


Very interesting, and this guys Shop on Reverb is chock full of seriously cool Guitars as well. Thanks


I have to admit, this one makes my heart flutter a bit. But my guitar money's all spent for quite a while, so someone else really should get it.


That's extremely wishful thinking on the price!

Treasure or masterpiece it isn't, alas. They're very big, very heavy guitars covered in the typical Burns/Baldwin "how thick can we build up polyester?" finish, with twangy/thin-ish pickups.

I like the quirkineness of the thing, but not anywhere near even half that price, and if I were in the market for this kind of quirky, I'd go for the Baldwin Virginian instead, it's very similar in looks and design, but it has a whammy bar!!


Good to know, Walter. It's useful to check off guitars one doesn't want.

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