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A Kostal Guitar for President Jimmy Carter


My apologies if this has been previously posted. I just stumbled on it and thought it was a fascinating story. Make sure you watch the video through to the end.



Very cool! Thank you for posting this.


How cool is that? I love it when guitars have stories like that.


Now that's a cool guitar story. Thanks for sharing.


Carter plays??


How cool is that?! The guitar looks fantastic, and supposedly sounds even better. This is a very nice story, and introduced a new species of wood for making acoustic guitars. I'd be interested in how well it does in longevity and stability. Being a fast growing and sustainable source of tone wood, it just might solve the over harvesting of other species.


Found this video on YouTube:


Jimmy Carter was not a successful President, but his post White House life has been inordinately productive. His reputation has improved markedly with his charitable and political contributions around the world. A genuinely nice man who's tried to make the world a better place. For almost all, the Presidency is the highest point of life. For JC, it was just a prelude to his real contributions.

(For those of you keeping score at home, John Q. Adams and William H. Taft were two others whose post-WH careers were more consequential. Any others?)


Thank you for sharing, a fascinating project.


Cool. I didn’t know he played but shouldn’t have been surprised given his interest in musicians over the years.

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