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9-string frenzy


Well another shootout went down, and looks like I will keep the Voccoli Tele IX, over the Phantom IX Here's the way it went down -- in my usual tedious detail!

Each has advantages/drawbacks over the other:


Phantom: 7 pounds 8 oz.

Tele 7 pounds 3 oz and 2" shorter


Both are hideous 25.5" scale, still for chords mostly @ 7th fret or below just gotta live with it.

Frets marginally bigger on Tele

Phantom width @ nut= 1.79" Tele- 1.7"

so advantage Phantom for string spacing.

Tuner placement. Phantom headstock designed for 9 just like the venerable Eko/Vox Mark IX of the 1966-68 era. Cramming 9 onto a Tele headstock not as good


2 p/u Phantom w/ Dragonfire fullbucker.. Wide tonal range. Earlier Dragonfire minibuckerf also cut it.

Single p/u Epi Koreabucker... brighter, less volume, no routing exists for a neck p/u


Tele of course easier to play seated. Phantom gets attention - all a matter of taste.

So -- the winner is Voccoli Tele that stays (for now). I am getting the mind-over-matter thing going on narrower necks!

Will upgrade pickup to a Gibson splitbucker. If there's a big stack o' $20 bills to burn maybe a Warmoth maple 12 string neck.

This choice also fits into this years NEW challenge of making do with 1 pickup guitars for Timid Folk Music. So far Melody Maker results are encouraging

So eventually the Phantom will find a new home or be trading bait somehow -- although only 2 ever made, there may only be 2 people that want a 9 string with unconventional appearance


I for one would love to hear how you're using the 9 string in your "Timid Folk Music"


You should keep the red one.


Nah, the one with the white pick guard looks the best.

Or maybe the one with the 6/3 tuners, tough call...


I proclaim this to be The Year of Doing Great Things With Single Pickup Guitars. Things are just getting started....

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