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69 Kessel Custom with Rare Bigsby


I remember seeing one of these in a music store window when I was 11 or 12. Stared at it for an hour. I'd never seen such a beautiful instrument before. Oddly, it was at an accordion studio/store in a strip mall.


This model has been on my bucket list for many years but the nut width is a turnoff imo. Just seems too narrow.


The 1966-69 1 9/16th nut width on most acoustic and electric Gibsons ain't for me. Started in late '65 on some models (some say) extended in to 1970 then thankfully phased out. Still a cool guitar. I'm 1 3/4 or go home... viva Rick 650.


I'm curious about the pickups.. they kind of look like filtertron guts under a Gib humbucker cover. Check out the familiar screw heads peeping out that don't exactly line up with the larger holes on the tops. Lovely ol' guitar there.


Interesting guess. You may be right. The holes in the covers have been enlarged to accommodate the screws being in the wrong location.

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