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Looking at a 1995 6120


Myself, I think its about 400 bucks too much for a pre FMIC 6120. Some people like em, some people don't, but there's no denying that the 90s models command less $$$ than the FMIC era.


I agree. 'Everything else is totally original' is not something to shout about when it comes to pre Fender Gretsches because the pots and switches were pretty poor.


Looks nice, and PreFMIC's are great guitars at the right price point, but this one is in the FMIC pricing area.

$1100-1200, maybe, but not for what's being asked.


Well, it's only 'rare' in the seller's dreams. I picked up a pre-FMIC 6120 Blue Burst for $1500 and it's a great guitar, with no pots, wiring or pickup issues. The BB are considerably more 'rare' than the standard 6120 so I figured I paid an okay price. I agree that this one, assuming there aren't any issues, should be worth $1200-1300 range.

Understand the differences between the two era guitars and then decide if you buy the pre version whether you want to upgrade it or not and factor that cost into the final price you'd pay for the guitar plus the upgrade costs.

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