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50s footage of Les Paul with stock p-90 mounted dynas?


My friend just sent me this clip. Does anyone here know the history of these pickups?


Well the first Les Pauls were 1952, and if this is 1951 it just may be something they were experimenting with. Lester and Chester were constant tweakers/experimenters.


Les Paul....with stock P90 mounted dynas? Now my head is in a spin. I’ve always thought that this footage/recording is absolutely heavenly. Mary is beautiful. The harmonies and recording techniques are mind blowing. I often play this to folks that have no idea of what the subtleties of what this is all about and everyone says WOW!


It’s a wonderful tone


The bridge pickup is the stock P-90. You can see just enough of it here to tell that it's not a DeArmond like the neck pickup.


I think it’s a staple pickup, without staples? Prototype version?


I'm a big Les fan and have seen this configuration in other videos. I was going to create a new thread about how to put Dynas in an LP but for now will let it be as every LP I am looking at, I like the pickups already in there.

This might be the time now to buy an Agile or less expensive LP type and try it out. I do love the tone though.


Yes, that's a DeArmond he put in there, it's pretty well known across guitar geekdom. I don't think Les Paul ever really used any P90 pickups.


Let me jump in here with one small, but important, correction. The year this video is from is not 1951, it's 1953. The show was CBS's Omnibus. Here is a link to the complete clip.

Also, as far as Les playing a guitar with P90 pickups, I'm not positive, but take a look at this photo of Les rehearsing with Bing Crosby and see what you think.

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The guitar in the picture with Crosby doesn't have P90 pickups either, but what looks like severely modified Charlie Christian pickups.


Thanks for the correction wgnhim. 51 did seem early for a Gibson Les Paul.

And yeah WB. They look like a p90 wound on a cc frame


This is a big IIRC, but that may just be a P90 cover modded to go over a Dyna. Remember seeing something about that a while back.....

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