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2018 Gibson Les Paul Classic (P90’s!!!)


Anyone own a Les Paul goldtop with P90s? Thinking about scoring one of those new ones but I've never owned or really played a les paul; I'm primarily a 6129 player, which I will remain, but that LP is really sweet looking. Can anyone explain what the main differences are? My jet has Dyna's and I love that sound, and I play through a Vox.


P-90's in a Les Paul is a great mid-rangey snarling rock and blues sound. Also, especially in the middle position (both pu's) with some slap or reverb they produce a great classic rockabilly tone. I am of the mind that P-90's might be the best all around pu's out there...there's not much they can't do well, clean or dirty. With regard to getting a Les Paul goldtop I would recommend checking out American Musical Supply (AMS) online. They have a limited run version of the Les Paul Goldtop Tribute w/ P-90's produced especially for them which has the really nice light stained wood figured back and neck back as opposed to the current ugly (IMO) almost black, dark backs. The goldtop and light color back look good in the satin finish and the natural wood faux body binding is a really nice touch. The price is right also at around $875.00 w/ gig bag. No need to upgrade the Gibson P-90's (they are as good as any boo-teek pu's IMO).


Heres mine, It works as advertised and even though the pickups get a little noisy The neck feels great , the guitar is solid(and heavy)the tone you get from the pickups is hard to beat. For the money it is a great no frills guitar that holds up.


I have an Edwards LP-92 and it is a great P90 equipped LP. It has 500k pots and hot Lollars so I might swap them out for warmer pups. I agree 100% with Gretschadelphia's comments.


I have an Edwards LP-92 and it is a great P90 equipped LP. It has 500k pots and hot Lollars so I might swap them out for warmer pups. I agree 100% with Gretschadelphia's comments.

If you can get your hands on an Edwards LP-92 or the Edwards black Custom w/ P-90's you'll will also be in LP P-90 heaven. The Edwards both come stock with Duncan Vintage P-90's and will get you very close to real Gibson LP Standard territory (with most likely better fit/finish and overall QC than a real Gibson).


I was wondering how long it would take for the Gibson bashing to start!

I've had an Edwards LP and it was a great guitar for the $$, but my '54 Historic Les Paul was one of the best guitars I have had and I would LOVE to have it back. Yes you can play rockabilly on it, you can get beautiful crystal cleans on it which are vastly superior to a HB Les Paul. But it still responds to dirt just how a great Les Paul should.

They are surprisingly different from a Jet but you can get into the ballpark. A P90 Les Paul has more brightness and zing than a Jet, and more punch. The Jet has a warmer, rounder sound. I find the Les Paul a little easier to play as the sounds come out more easily for me. A jet I have to work a bit more. Definitely worth having both as they are quite different guitars to play.

I think a LP with P90s is a very versatile guitar.


P90 Les Pauls are my favorite Les Pauls. The main difference I've found between Gibson P90s and either Fender single coils or Dynasonics is that the P90s use bar magnets with the pole screws conducting the magnetic field while with Fender single coils and Dynasonics the pole pieces themselves are magnetic. This makes a P90 more mellow on the attack and very smooth overall. Fender single coils and Dynasonics have a crisper attack and the tone usually focuses more on the high mids compared to a P90 which is more mid focused.


My first guitar was a '52 Gold top with P-90s.

Beautiful sounding, but a dog to look at.


Yep, I saw those on Instagram and got quite excited. Gibson have been dicking around with their classic models so much (I pray that the 2015 abominations represent the nadir of that trend) but these look 'right'. I've always wanted a gold top LP - thanks, Carl Perkins and Mike Ness – but never found a used Gibson I liked and couldn't afford a new one so I went down the Edwards route last year. It's a great guitar but it's no where as nice as a Historic or Custom Shop Gibson.


And something to look at.


Damn, that is sweet looking! Where did you find your Edwards? My dad got a black Edwards LP custom style guitar and it is sick! Nitro, Duncan's, vintage construction etc


I had it shipped from Japan. It was the biggest gamble I've taken on a guitar but it paid off.


The Edwards guitars are very nice to play. The necks feel nothing like a Gibson but all the Edwards I have played felt great.

It makes me wonder how much more they would cost if they used better quality timber? There's nothing wrong with the wood they use but it's different from what Gibson uses. I wonder how close the sound would get if they used the same wood?


I have an Edwards LP130 ALS which has all the bells and whistles: All gloss nitro finish, flame maple top, one piece back, Gotoh hardware, bone nut, CTS pots, Switchcraft, long tenon neck, Duncan Seth Lover pu's (not P-90's but really great sounding vintage PAF clones). It is accurate to say the neck shape is different than a Gibson LP...I would say it's more similar to a Gretsch Pro Series Jet in shape and girth. It's not that ESP Edwards is using inferior woods in their standard MIJ line, they are just using an Asian grown species of mahogany for the bodies and necks which are less dense and lighter than what Gibson typically uses. This results in a much lighter weight guitar (my Edwards weighs around 7.8 lbs and it is not chambered) that tends to have an airier, less bottom heavy sound than a typical Gibson LP Standard. With an Edwards you are trading off a bit of low end "girth" for more clarity and note separation but it's still a singing Les Paul tone for sure. As far as QC on a MIJ Edwards is concerned, think Pro Series MIJ Terada made Gretsch......they are that good.

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