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2017 Gibson fretboard covers


I'm a fan of Wildwood Guitars youtube videos, and I noticed some of the 2017 Gibsons (at least the Les Pauls) are being shipped with plastic fretboard covers with the "only a Gibson is Good Enough" tagline. This was something that Peavey did back in the late 90s with the Wolfgang guitars, and I think this is a great idea to help protect from accidental fret dings and possibly string oxidation. I'm a case candy fanatic, and I'd love to have a few of these cool packaging items from Gibson. Here's the Wildwood vid: fretboard protectors seen starting at about :35.


Hard to believe the Les Paul survived over 60 years without a fretboard cover


Gretsch ships some guitars with a cover that is slipped between the strings and the fretboard.


I am, and can be, as AR with the best of them regarding things I wish to preserve...

Not that AR, I think it introduces as many issues as it solves.

Looks good upon delivery of a $4500+ new guitar.


Esp used to do this with some of their guitars. They had the ESP logo on the cover on the body end of it. Funny enough some of the fake Hetfield explorer copies had the ESP logo inlaid to the fretboard on the body end.


My ESP/Edwards LP copy arrived from Japan in a full body shroud (I still have it) made out of some sort of soft cloth. Never seen anything packed like that Edwards. The factory box actually had padded crush zones and supports that held and protected the headstock and that box was packed in another shipping box.

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