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1999 Epiphone ES-295 Thoughts and Bigsby Question


I have read many post here at the GDP and elsewhere but I would like to know some newer opinions on this guitar. I owned one about year 2000 for a few years and sold it. I never felt I liked it much. I think the one I owned was about a 1997 model I bought used. Recently I played a 1999 and although it has been years since I owned one if memory serves correctly this one I have a line on sounds much better and feels better. Could be my imagination.

I don't care for B7s but wondering if a B6 could be put on. I ask because an old post a GDP member said he had put one on but the strings kept on popping of due to neck angle but I have read people have put B6 on theirs with no problems.

I know these 1990s versions were made in Korea and some say by Peerless and some say for Samick but which is it? I hear that the Peerless models are supposed to be well built and better than ones built elsewhere. I also heard these old versions were hit and miss. I am not sure which makes one a hit and which makes one a miss but just by sound and feeling the recent one I tried feels like a hit and my old one felt like a miss.

The recent premiums were very nice from what I found doing research. I saw the video of the guy playing a gold Premium and it sounded great BUT he's an excellent player and can make anything sound awesome and from a video you can't tell how it feels and build quality.



I posted this pic on a different thread yesterday but here you are. have an early es175 which is the same size and shape as a 295. I put a Bigsby B6 on it many years ago along with a Tru Arc Stainless bridge. Works perfectly


To my knowledge, the 90's ES-295's were all made at the Korean Peerless factory. The serial number beginning with R will confirm this; they used a format like R96E XXXX, where R indicates Peerless, the next two digits are the year of manufacture, the next letter indicates the month of manufacture (A = January, B = February, etc.) and the last 4 digits are the production number.

The Epiphone ES-295's were slightly thinner and with a less pronounced arch than their Gibson counterparts, but I believe a B6 should still work. If not, you could use a B-3 instead, which is shorter but still has no tension bar.


Thanks guys for the help. I may buy one and put the B6 on at a later date. Serial does start R99 so 1999 model from Peerless. I hear Peerless guitars are held in well regard so I am hoping Epiphones by Peerless are held in high regard but truth is it feels and sounds great. I may buy it.

Gary by the way I love your ES-175. What is the story behind it? How long have you had it? flatwounds or wound rounds? Play rockabilly or jazz?

Actually I’ll try to find the other thread to find the info on it. Thanks.


For reference: on the first ES295 i got (a Peerless), a B6 worked great.

On the second one (made by Unsung), a B6 didn't work because of a little different neck-angle. The low E-string kept popping out of the bridge.

My current 295 (dont'worry, the others are sold) is a 2006-model from the Saein-plant and has a B6 on it with no problems.


will thanks for the info.

I have a B6 I bought when a guitar shop went out of business in 1998 but it’s gold. It was $89. Thought it was a good deal. Figured one day it will come in handy. Gold looks great but gold on gold may be too much but at least I can test it and later change to a nickel one later.

What does it take to install a B6? Do I need to go to a guitar tech or is it easy to install? I’m concerned it’s precision work that needs to be done.

I may buy the ES-295. It’s $599 includes a Gibson case. When I tried it it sounded great and felt nice. Great build quality. No need to change pickups in my opinion.


will, do you notice a big difference in guitars between Perless and your 2006?


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