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1965 Baldwin Hollowbody


No Affliation With Seller.

I might've posted one like this the last time one of these came up for sale but it's still interesting. You can almost see the shape of things to come to Gretsch.


I kinda sorta like it a little bit. It's ugly, but still kind of cool too. Not that I'd pay even a third of that asking price for it, ever.


Too pricey! The cutaway looks familiar. It says it has a Prismatone pickup---the acoustic piezo unit? That'd explain the four knobs. The magnetic pickup looks a bit like a Burns. This does look like it's in really good shape.


The earliest version of the hybrid cutaway seen later on the Super & Deluxe Chet. To me, this is one ugly mother, price notwithstanding. If I got it free I would just sell it.

I can see it being appealing because of its eclectic ugliness though.


Two slight line changes at the drafting table would have made that quite graceful. As it is, I don't hate it.

And with the Prismatone, wouldn't it be important historically as a landmark on the way to integrated acoustic-electric piezo pickups, in conjunction with mag output?


Jesus... no wonder they bought Gretsch... they were in dire need of somebody with a sense of design. Yuck.

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