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1962 National Val-Pro 88 - res-o-glass

I have received many complements on my National Val-Pro 88 (it used to be my avatar) and saw this one on e-bay today. Just thought I'd pass it on in case anyone else loves these guitars like me. Everything appears to be legit on this one in comparison to mine. Mine has a pseudo-alligator skin covered case, though. I'm guessing this one will reach the $2k price range or higher. edit: BTW, this is not mine for sale and I am not endorsing this seller... :cool: National val-pro
Very cool ! Weren't there some in the shape of maps?
The one pictured above is considered map-shaped with the upper pointed treble bout corresponding to Florida. This specific body shape was only available for one year. This model is the Val-pro 88 from 1962, which was renamed to Newport 88 in 1963. The Newport body was slightly smaller and the 6 small knobs were moved to the bass side grouped in pairs. The National map shaped guitars discontinued in 1965. There is also a Glenwood model, which was more curvacious and well-known. Hard Rock Cafe has the Glenwood model as a decorative hat pin. Eastwood guitars makes a mock model of the Glenwood,except theirs is wood not Res-o-glas. In case anyone is wondering about some of the controls/pickups for the Val-pro 88 pictured above: -3-way tone selector switch -2 single-coil pickups (you can see) -1 piezo style pickup built into the base of the bridge (pictured on this post) -Master volume (large knob) -6 small knobs are volume and tone controls for each tone selector switch setting (IOW, each setting has a separate tone and volume control)
The tone knobs are amazing on these guitar because they actually work!! I mean, the tone knobs actually boost treble and/or bass depending on the way they are turned. The tone never gets dark like you get with most guitars' tone knobs. The pickups are hot and push my tube amp into overdrive when I want. My National plays beautifully. A lot of people like to use them for slide because of the midrange boost you can get with these pickups. This guitar is an excellent compliment to my Gretsch.
Bro, you know I am going to have to buy that one you posted a link to now don't you! I loved your National!!! Wish they still made guitars like they used to all quirky like back then. It's an awesomely classic version though, so even though it was kind of Star Trekky back then, now it's like a fine classic car...
My National Val-Pro 88 has a factory bigsby. I do love it. These do not have the Florida pennisula turn down or the pointy Vermont turn up or the Texas knee cut. It's still considered somewhat of a "Map Shape". As far as the wiring/circuity, It is the typical Valco designed "Val-Trol" wiring. Val-Trol wiring is found on the Resoglass Glenwood 99 models and some of the earlier Supro wood bodied models like the Silverwood, Coronado and Rhythm Master. Other Valco Resoglass models which feature Val-Trol wiring is the Supro Martinique. I don't know of any Airline model which had the Val-Trol wiring. The pickup selections on the Val-Trol wiring are as follows: Position 1, switch towards neck: neck pickup only with the the 1st small knob as volume and 2nd knob as a typical treble cut tone control. Position 2, switch in middle: bridge pickup only with the 3rd knob as volume and 4th knob as an unusual bass cut tone control much like like the tone cut switch on a Fender Jaguar except you can dial in how much bass cut with it being on a potentiometer. Position 3, switch towards bridge: gives you the saddle pickup and the neck pickup, the 5th knob is a volume and the last knob (6th) is a blend in control for the neck pickup. This blend in control fattens up the faux acoustic sound in this switch position. The saddle pickup is not a piezo pickup but actually 2 and sometimes 3 small square coils inside the bridge pedestal wired in series and the polepiece magnets are what extends from the saddle into the bridge pedestal. The pic limb425 shows those 3 polepieces. Valco called this pickup the "Silver-sound" pickup but later changed it's name to something which I can't remember.
Behold...The Valco Holy Grail....A National Glenwood 99, Seafoam Green, Gold Hardware, Factory Bigsby.... <a href="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
Now here's a variation of what's on Ebay. Is this a Val-Pro or a Glenwood? Case candy included! Note the pointy Florida pennisula and the more pointy Vermont and the funky tremelo. <a href="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket">
I'm drooling very hard over the pics in this thread, keep them coming!!! This is my own slightly more modest Valco guitar, a '56 Supro Dual Tone. It was a complete basketcase when I got it, so I didn't feel too bad about modifying it a little.
Walter, I'm trying to post pics but that chopped fingered jazz guitar player web software doesn't let me work so fast.
This nice guitar/amp combo is up on ebay right now (edit - reserve not met at $2364US)
Hey, I used to have a Dual Tone about 10 years ago. I sold it to a friend. That thing had some bad-ass pickups. Bryherb, that black National you posted above is the model that replaced the Val-Pro 88 in 1963 - it's called the Newport 88. The body got a little smaller and bubblier. I prefer the Val-Pro over the Newport. That Glenwood, though, you posted is the "holy grail". It's a beauty! The body styles on the Glenwoods are more attractive and those models have the nice fretboard inlays plus the bigsby as you show. Thanks for the details on the knob functions on the glenwood. I'm not sure on my Val-Pro if the knobs I thought are tone adjustments actually perform some blending functions too? Great stuff!
Here is a pic of my National Val-Pro 88. Case not shown :grin:
Hey limb425, Try this. Put the pickup selector switch on position 3 (all the way towards the bridge, tap on the neck pickup polepieces with a screwdriver (making lotsa noise thru your amp) and turn the last knob (6th) up an down and the volume will go up and down. Mine doesn't have the case. That one on Ebay went for about $2300. The black paint stenciling on the pickups looked nice and worn but I'm sure the winning bidder is happy. I can't keep track of when the Val-Pro became the Newport. I find it interesting all the different tailpieces and different tremelos which were used throughout these national Models. limb425, where did you get your Val-Pro and how long ago?
Bryherb, that's my brother with the National above! Anyway, he got it a couple of years ago from a guy that hords these guitars. He's some private collector/seller guy. I'll let him tell you who he is, but that guy has the ultimate stash of National reso-glas models ever collected!
He should post pics of the Valco Resoglass guitar porn for us to lust after.
I got my National Val-Pro 88 from Kummer's Vintage. The pic above is actually my guitar as oppsed to another picture of the same guitar model. The guy was great to work with. He used to be a guitar buyer and writer for a guitar mag. He only has a few Resoglas models left. He has some other sweet guitars, though. I think I bought it about 2 years ago around Christmas time. I won't say for how much, but it was about the same price as the one on ebay went for. I think mine is in better condition, plus it has the alligator skin style case that is more unusual to find. Kummers Vintage I'll give my National a test and see how the blending knobs work. I always just plugged it in and messed with the knobs to get the best sound. I just assumed they were tone adjustments! I'll try and find some more pics to post when I get home from work.
As you can see, my neck pickup has some of the black outline rubbed off.
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Check out the funky tremolo on this Glenwood. I'd much rather have the bigbsy version.
Robert Smith from the Cure plays Gretsches and a National. Who would have though!?

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