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1946 Martin 0-18 Stolen offering Reward


Hi everyone, Just putting this out in the guitar community as I am searching for my stolen Martin. Serial number 95147 Stolen mid June 2019 in Los Angeles. Police report filed. The guitar community has been of great help and very supportive. I did get some of my gear back from the police and some that was sold to a Guitar Center ...but my baby is still out there. Any help greatly appreciated. It was my Dad's, in my family my whole life. Thanks much.


Very sorry to hear this. I have no doubt that you will find as much empathy and support on this forum as you will anywhere in the universal guitar community.

I'm not a flat-top guy, and rarely follow the market for vintage Martins, but I'm making a note of this anyway, especially since I'm at least located in the same state where it was stolen.

I suppose you may have already thought of this, but I think another great place to spread the word and seek help would be the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, which has always been a very active forum. https://umgf.com/

Wishing you the best of luck in getting your treasured instrument back.


Have you also listed it at the "stolen guitar registry"?

Might be worth a shot . . . I hope you get it back, in good condition.

Stolen Guitar Registry link


Bad as stealing an instrument is, stealing a memento is far worse. I wish you the best of luck in getting it returned.


I second the stolen guitar registry. IMO, thieves ,guitar thieves especially, are the scum on scums shoes.I had a dying friends instruments stolen right before he died. I made it my life mission to get them back, which I luckily did, eventually, not that it helped my friend any. BTW, I had to pay the pawn shop what he paid for them, which goes way against my grain. What a scam they and the lawmakers in Florida have going. IMO, once your property always your property, legalities be damned.


It's good that you have the serial number, so you can check if one shows up on line. We have my Dad's 1951 O-18, and it would be terrible if it were lost or stolen.

Good luck.


Looks like you've got a good start, hang in there and don't give up


There is one on Facebook right now identified as a 1947 with a serial number of 96746, which I assume is not yours, correct? The ad has photos, but none of the block containing the serial number.

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