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1940 Rene Gerome Gypsy Jazz Guitar


The old gal sure has some miles on her.


Yeah, she sure does. Plus, a couple of cracks in the back should make this a not too costly salvage project.

Also, doesn't the binding on the neck look like it's got a coat of white out on it?


Love it - so many of the manouche instruments from the '50s and earlier have wonderful folk art characteristics.


This guitar looks weird. Even the 3rd fret inlay looks painted as does the binding (as crowbone already noticed). And I much dislike fretwire ending miles before the fingerboard edge. It might be a rare instrument but is it also really sought after? The violin-like f-holes though are beautiful.


Yes, that seller has 2 Geromes for sale. I keep my eyes open for them. The backs on them are a work of art!! I bought a Gerome last year from the UK. The seller shipped it through Ebays global shipping service and they seized it claiming it violated the CITES act (which it didn’t)I fought for a month but they said they ‘liquidated’ it whatever that means. A shame to say the least. This f hole version is very rare and would be considered top of the line


L....l...l...liquidated? HOLY! That's a hangin' offense. What a tragedy. Someone needs, at least, a beating. This CITES thing is insane. Being a bit of a tree-hugger, I suppose it's a good impulse, but the implementation is clearly desperately flawed.


See one in action:

This CITES thing is insane.

It's eBay's Global Shipping program that's insane. It appears that they simply won't do any due diligence regarding CITES and will instead seize anything that looks like it could be trouble. It's not customs or any government agency that's confiscating instruments. It's Pitney Bowes doing it, likely as the result of some actuarial determination. As members here have posted, you just have to make the effort to get the permits in order and it's not that terrible.


"Liquidated" means that they sold it to someone else.


"Liquidated" means that they sold it to someone else.

– wabash slim

I believe u r correct. But doesn’t that make them in violation of CITES as well??


Not when no CITES violation occurred in the first place.

I would be more concerned about "liquidation" meaning "destroyed," because that's been an eBay practice for items claimed to be fraudulent, counterfeit, or otherwise illegal.

This is the deal-killing reason to not use their global shipping service.



I believe u r correct. But doesn’t that make them in violation of CITES as well??

– paul pigat

I think the idea is that they don't let it out of the country in the first place. Rather than actually shipping it - you know, that thing you paid them to do - they sell the confiscated goods or to a third party.

I believe DCBirdman was a victim of eBay's Global Shipping Syndicate as well. And I want to say that he actually saw the confiscated guitar show up for sale after the fact, but I could be making that part up.


That is one of the most beautiful things I've seen.


So, what makes a Gypsy Jazz guitar a Gypsy Jazz guitar? Visually, I get it, and the archtop style bridge and tailpiece arrangement on a usually slightly arched top seem to be essential. Long scale too, I believe.

I assume this style of guitar wasn't designed for Gypsy Jazz, but rather that Gypzy Jazz was a largely French phenomenon, and these guitars were what was available and suitable. Is that about right?

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