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1908 Gibson L-1


Roughly assembled (came with no hardware) to see how it could sound. Had a bridge base that fit, added a rough top and used some risers Journeyman sent me. Gotoh tuners and an old nut that's about the right height but too narrow for the guitar. A Hofner bridge (or something West German) and silk and steel strings. Not super loud but actually sounds a fair bit better than expected. Has to have the highest bridge ever, about 1.25" on the bass side. Needs a ^%&&^ finish!! Ugly duckling! edit; on looking at what remains of the serial number it would seem to be 472- (maybe 4725) putting it in 1908


Cool! I got to spend some time with a 1903 Gibson Style O and it was an incredible experience. Carved mahogany back and sides and a really thick carved spruce top sounded loud, rich and clear.


Cool I have silk and steel 11-47s on this thing right now just to be safe for first stringing up. What gauge do other people put on these sorts of guitars? I use lights 12-54 on most of my acoustic.


For as long as I can remember, I have used this D'add Custom Set...

.012, .016, .022w, .030, .039, .047

Since the coated Phosphor Bronze came to market, I use those. I buy from Juststrings.com, ordering single strings.

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