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1/2 guage strings


Seems like some strings up to about .15s could be had in half guages like 9.5 and 11.5, etc but does anyone know how many different ones there actually were and who has them?


only the plain strings usually come in .5 increments

check out ghs big cores..excellent pure nickel string with .5 plains....the thicker core really makes a difference!




I’ve been using 10.5 gauge for a couple of years now. I used 11’s for ages but my arthritis issues forced the change. They work for me ! Edit! Sorry, I forgot to say that my experience is with GHS Boomers And the DAddario sets. I haven't had any opportunity to try other brands at this point.


I've used D'addario half gauges on guitars with longer scales, like the Falcon. I think that all plain strings are steel, so my guess is that all company's plain steel strings would be the same. If you want nickel wounds though, GHS has some nice sets with half gauge plains.


Curt Mangan makes sets in Pure Nickel, if that's your thing (it is mine). I went from 10 to 9.5 on my telecaster because some of the pedal-steel type bends were not fun. That "half" makes a difference...


Hey thanks... wish I could find 12.5s

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