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Your 2016 PEDALS in review…


I just bought a Quilter Pro Block!!!! Ps. The Tim pedal only sounds good on stage, w a turned up amp and set mostly clean.. Its unmatched, AND it likes to be stacked w a preamp in front! I have the blue note and it sounds good in the house or back in the studio, on stage it compresses way too much and responds like a tubescreamer w flat mids and better bass. It doesnt like to have anything hitting it, just like a tubescreamer.


Just getting the Mystery Brain settled in. Blues Driver before as I don't like adding overdrive after delays so no option for pedal order there. Seems to work marvellously ...a bit of low end loss but that suits my boomy supro Coronado amp. And Boss Frv-1 which is just there to fool around on a couple of surf tunes. Funny how the Mystery Brain exaggerates the digital quality of the boss reverb- you can hear those digital teeth nibbling away at the signal. Doesn't bother me at all, it's still drippy and has the right vibe

Supro tremolo pedal is winking at me so hope to grab that soon


Tavo I guess it depends a lot on how you use pedals. True, I haven't gigged with a Blue Note but I have used a Timmy at some rather loud gigs. Still bland! It does occur to me though that the friends who love Timmy use more gain than I do. They also stack pedals more than I do. Please don't take me for a bedroom player. I have played many weekly residential gigs. Years of them. Not so many recently but enough to know what does and doesn't work - for me.

I'm very much a minimalist. I use as few pedals as I can and use as little gain as I can get away with. Why? No idea! But I do use very little dirt. I find that I can get the best dynamics that way, plus sometimes just a little dirt sounds ruder than lots of dirt. I hate compression. A lot of ODs are too compressed IMO. That's why when I find something which works I get excited. The Blue Note CAN get compressed, but also has less compressed settings. In fact it uses very similar diodes and chip to the Timmy.

From time to time I go through a bunch of pedals just to see if i have changed my mind! I still really like the Badcat Two-tone. So good with a Gretsch.


I have no preamp hitting the 1st OD pedal in my chain. I play my amp clean with 3 different ODs in front, very rarely staged. To my ears the Blue Note sounds way better in the slight breakup settings than the Timmy. I find latter to be a great medium gain unit but that's not what I was looking for. With the Blue Note's 'Hot' switch not engaged and the 'Fat' control in the lower range I don't hear any compression worth mentioning. Amp is a silverface Deluxe Reverb.


2016 had me going from 4 pedals (at the top on the Nano board) that I’ve used for years to 14 or so and then down few. This pic is fairly accurate although I’ve sold the Crayon, Archer Ikon, & Depths and added a DOD Phasor).

So, added are:

2nd Mojohand Mule (got a good deal)

Chicago Stompworks Legitimate Beef (Red Llama clone)

J. Rockett Alien Echo

J. Rockett Josh Smith Dual Trem

Menatone Ms. Foxy Brown

Nocturne Atomic Brain (my first Atomic model)

DOD Phasor

Boss CS-3

MXR Carbon Copy

Fulltone Catalyst

Favorite of the bunch? Tough call, I like them all! However it HAS had me thinking lately about getting another, larger pedalboard for all the new toys.

Tavo, just like you I, too am infatuated with the Dr. Scientist Reverberator shown by the great JD McPherson in his Premier Guitar rig rundown. If I can find a “TV graphic” model for a good deal, I’m nabbing one in 2017. After that, I think I’m done for quite a while.

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