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You will love me or hate me for this…



Heh heh...



I personally love the Tube Screamer and can't understand why anyone would dislike it. It's the only pedal on my board that will never be removed.


He left out the TS-10... Stevie Ray Vaughn's favorite.


The Tubescreamer is a very good pedal for a Black/Silverface Fender amp. The mid hump that frequently gets moaned about defeats the mid-scoop on this amp type which is so nice for cleans but is a pain with gain.


I'm pretty squarely in the not-a-fan camp.


The 'Fat' knob on the Rockett Blue note makes all the difference. I have the 1st version that is even more versatile and it's my favourite low to mid overdrive pedal (and I tried many). I ditched a Timmy. Ade is right that Tubescreamers go well with Fender BF/SF amps. I can't stand losing too much lows, though. I'm not a noodler. Therefore my ODs have to have a slightly different flavour than the original TS design. Besides the Blue Note I use a Barber Direct Drive and a Fulltone PlimSoul. All of them do it for me. Each with their own voice, but sonically in the same veign somehow.


not for me. tried 'em back in the 80s and have always found them thin and tinny. for "overdrive" i'm all about the MSR Distortion+.


not for me. tried 'em back in the 80s and have always found them thin and tinny. for "overdrive" i'm all about the MSR Distortion+.


My current screamer is the Wampler Clarksdale, which covers the standard use and way more. It satisfied me for quite a few years - at least since the last year Dylan came to the Roundup. (What a way to keep track of time, but I remember making sure he tried it when he played through my board.)

It's now in the cabinet as a Good Pedal I'm Not Ready to Jettison Yet. (Though I recommend it as a very safe screamer, with more range than most in the endless infinity of dearlordmakethemstop clones.)

It - and so many other dirters - has been replaced by a box that's so good I won't reveal its identity, lest that break its magic. (At least unless and until the passion lasts past the honeymoon.) It's a bold thing to say, but at last - after dozens of years - I'm no longer looking for dirt.

That's when I'm indulging my inner gear Luddite and playing through amp(s).

Otherwise, dozens of amp models and profiles in that other domain just don't require screamgoosing at all.


I just turn the amp up.

– wabash slim

In other words: you never really tried one.


Once you hear what makes a TS unpleasant, you can never unhear it.


In other words: you never really tried one.

– sascha

I have, just don't care for much dirt. My Vox has enough grit for my needs. I have enough issues trying to play guitar.


I don't like how Tubescreamers (a) lose all your low end, and (b) compress. I don't like compression at all - when I hit my guitar I want to feel it. I'm with Sascha with the Blue Note, but I like it's (extremely close) brother the Majestic with a Gretsch even more. And lately I've really been enjoying a Bearfoot Model G. It sounds similar to the Majestic but has a tad more midrange. Not much compression either so you can really use it from clean to dirty just by how you attack the string.

Turning my amp up is a luxury I don't have.


I’ve don’t gig with an od pedal. Just fuzz ... but I must admit the lil Green Wonder sounds great . Especially with silver face fender. Was just going through my music gear today and pulled it out again


Over 22 min of the same riff over and over! Ughhhh...

That said they all sound about the same. Seems there is a sweet spot and the ones with more knobs just go from sounding good to sounding bad.
Something about the “Jam Pedals Tube Dreamer 58” did stand out to me.

I guess a tube screamer sounds thin and lonely on its own. I mean if you’re in your bed room knocking out some tunes, but pull on some spandex and hit the stage with your 80’s tribute band and BAM! That thin sound cuts like a knife..... and it’s a real skirt lifter.


See that's where I'm going wrong - I don't play in spandex! I think if I ever wore spandex to a gig the Tubescreamer would be the last of my worries...

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