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Yamaha E1005: Rackmount/Console Delay?


Anybody ever used one of these? I don't necessarily expect it to sound any better than your average delay pedal, but maybe with the 120V power supply it's got a little more headroom.

Still I'm piqued. Would look very nice as an amptop unit, a la Space Echo etc.


Ha! I have one. Never use it and will be putting it up for sale here, soon. It's so funny to see you post this because I was just looking over stuff last night prepping to sell some stuff off. Yamaha always makes great stuff.


How much do you want for it?


Heck, Michael. Make me an offer. I'm in a generous mood.

dmiller at dpat dot com


I equate rack mounted gear as higher quality than a stomp box. You obviously have more controls to work with, and Yamaha's gear is top notch. It's more for use at a sound board than for an individual musician's rig. It's parameters are more inline with PA gear than a guitar's specs.


Although rack-mount gear is generally of higher quality than stomp boxes, they are also designed for different purposes. Stomp boxes are specifically designed to work with the output signal level from an electric guitar pickup, while most rack mount units are designed to work with line level signals.

I've found rack units to work much better in an effects loop from within an amp or mixer (or between mixer and recording device), while stomp boxes generally yield better results in the chain between guitar and amp.


I went to the band room last night and put it in my car. Mine is the E-1010 like this one. Not sure if it's the same unit you're looking for. I can take pic's of mine later today and post, if interested.


Looks like the E1010 is pretty similar, plus a 2-band EQ for the delayed signal--even better! According to the manuals, these devices were built to handle high impedance sources such as guitar pickups.

Did you get my PM Suprdave?


I did not, Michael. Try me at dmiller at dpat dot com The PM feature seems a bit wonky from the GDP. No offence, Bax.


Ah! Bought one in Japan in 1982. Made lots of demos with it and a TEAC 4 track reel machine. Good analogue echo and fabulous sweep flange.

Sold it for the first Maxon digital delay years later. Mistake.


I didn’t like mine, very block repeats and the mod was awful in y opinion . I prefer the boss DM300


Hey Michael. It's tracking to be at your place, today. let me know that she arrived in one piece.


Hi Dave. I'm out of town for work this week so I had UPS delay delivery until I get back. I will let you know when I receive it.

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