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Xvive wireless


I gave myself a Christmas gift. The Xvive U2 wireless for guitar. I like that it’s small and easy. So far it sounds good, but only spent a few minutes with it.

Anyone else tried this?


Nice self gifting. I've had a pair for just over a year and they work perfectly for me, 'cept for the time I plugged them in reverse order... heh.


I’ve been using it for a year now with no trouble. I love wandering around the house while blasting through my amp. I also enjoyed Jumping off the stage and playing from the back of the venue to check the sound. I have not yet wandered through the audience while playing but I’m looking forward to it.

Hint. Set up a charging spot and recharge after each use. Mine is at the power strip next to my pedal board.


They also make a wireless plug on for your favorite microphone. Might try that next Christmas.


Got a pair used,but really new, for $115. I do like them a lot and it helps with the big group I play in since I everyone else is pinned to a mike ... I can go out front and listen to the sound balance. Once used them with bass, got pretty far away and there was a bit of 'latency' I guess it called but nothing bad.


I bit on the Xvive stupid deal of the day a few weeks back. Haven’t gigged with it yet, but it’s worked flawlessly through two band rehearsals so far. Probably will pick up another set soon.


I like mine just fine. I don't really see how one could play a complete show when the Transmitter runs out of juice much quicker than the receiver. Mine last about 2hours of interrupted playing. I always turn off the transmitter because it runs down first. But yeah, for my limited at home playing, it is better than cords everywhere.


The XVive is cool for small venues without a lot of other wireless devices active.

I had one that I got when Meshugga Beach Party was on the Gong Show and the producers wanted us to be able to move around the stage. Danny, Steve and I got XVives, which worked fine in our rehearsal space. During rehearsal at the show, where there were lots of wireless devices being used by the crew, mine kept cutting out, while Danny and Steve's worked fine. I went out that night and got a Line6 G10. The next day during final rehearsals there were even more wireless units active and Danny and Steve's XVives wouldn't work, so they had to use cables for the live performance, while the G10 worked fine so I could bop around the stage a bit.

I also had some issues with the XVive cutting out when a friend was using cellphone controlled GoPros to film a gig.

That being said, for most gigs the XVives are fine, though I'm happy I've got the Line6. Still, both are pretty good for budget wireless sytems.


I got mine 4 years and still running good.

I’m with Mel, more people using their cellphones equals more chances of cutting you off.

A good charge will lasts 4-5 hours.


Wouldn’t be without my Xvive now. I got the redwood version which looks great with a Gretsch.

I did an a/b comparison in Logic when I first got it. First I recorded a pass with a cable then took out the cable and replaced it with the Xvive and recorded a pass on an adjacent track, then dropped in some random edits to switch from one to the other. You really can’t tell the difference.

Bob, radio waves are in all practicality instantaneous (speed of light). The Xvive has some processing latency - about 6ms I think - but nothing you would hear. Sound is much slower (around 1ft per millisecond) so the latency you hear from the back of the hall is the delay created by the sound getting from the stage to your ears.


I bought the Mic version for our lead singer to use so she can use her own microphone, and it works pretty well. I did an endurance test by using it as a wireless connection to a PA speaker from my mixer, put some streaming music on and let it play. After 6 hours, I got tired of testing it and turned it off, so it'll last through an entire show even if she never turns it off.

The exciting thing they just came out with is an in-ear monitor. It's $229 (provide your own earbuds) and I had our bass player try it at our last gig. He loved it and bought one for himself. I use mine for practicing late at night, I can sit anywhere and move around at will.

They are somewhat self-limiting in that there are only 6 different channels, and I think they share the same channels with the guitar and mic channels, so unless you want to share a channel, you can only have 6 units, but if I can get a couple more band members to adopt them, it's going to make setup and load-out a whole lot easier.

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