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Wrong handed Bigsby


Has anyone ever put a left-handed Bigsby on right-handed guitar?

You can sort of put it under your wrist.


Thats a left handed , with right-handed Bigsby. Tim Armstrong did that i believe . And if its for sale Ill take it.


Palm muting would be a nightmare und less you grew a second wrist in your left arm.


Jimi Hendrix, using right handed guitars as a lefty, always had this going on. My band mate had a left handed block put into His right handed Strat 10 years ago. He’s still not sure he likes it.


Have another look, the bridge is angled for a right handed setup. Very odd.


That was a Google find, Chinese Gibson.


I've brought this up here before as working the handle, logistically, seems easier, but I never put it into practice, and as far as palm muting goes, I'm not sure if that would interfere or just be a slight adjustment to the way I currently play, but I do find myself not going to the bigsby nearly as much as I'd like to use it, simply because it's a pita to reach up and grab.


Yeah, that tremolo is going to get in the way of palm muting, I think. It would depend how high it is sitting.

With one of those Stetsbar tremolos that are anchored in the middle you could fool around with different arms.


Here’s an odd question, how far down do you ever press the Bigsby?

I took a look at my Tele with a B16, I think it’s a 6” arm, it’s 7” from the axle. The most I would ever push it is about 7/8”, which I calculated at about 7 degrees.

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