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Which mic?


What is your favorite microphone to get that "Chet sound / tone"? I mean that clear, clean, mellow sound we are all familiar with. Yeah, I know Chet didn't stand still and evolved over the years and had great "ears" and lots of technical advantages we will never have. So for us home recorders or YouTube'rs what do you use for a mic? Thanks, Steve


I use a Rode NTK. The concept is that a good large diaphragm tube condenser vocal mic, will capture that rich throaty sound that Chet always achieved. Ten inches or so out from the amp & slightly off axis. Works for me...


During the time Chet was recording, they'd've likely used a big diaphragm or ribbon mike like a RCA77.


Royer R-121 is a good ribbon mic. I use them a lot.


Hi Steve, I like the Rode M5's. Great around the house.

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