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Which arm is this?…


I found this in my collection of bits.Not sure which model it is. Any ideas?Looks to be a bit modified around the pivot stop area. I will likely sell this ,just don't know if it is vintage or repro.


Here's a shot of the modded area.


It's modern. Vintage ones didn't swivel.


It's not like any vintage or modern arm that I've seen. They can all swing out of the way, but this one can't. It barely swivels.


It’s my favorite Bigsby handle, properly called a “Narrow Vintage” handle. I put them on most of my Gretschs and my old Guild Capri. It seems as robust as a Duane handle but it can swivel far enough to go under my palm while picking.


Bob, the arm in the Reverb link, and I presume, your arms have a different side profile. The arm in GaryE’s original post has a strengthening flange/rib running down lower than the top plane of the swivel bracket. This seriously restricts movement.

See photo in second post.



– noggsly

Yeah. Exactly why I don’t use this arm or my vintage Fixed arm B3 assembly.Just too restricting for my personal taste.


Does anybody want it for say 35.00 plus shipping?


That part of the flange could be filed down very easily. You’d still be left with more “meat” than a standard Narrow Vintage Handle, which can be prone to snapping.


I think that’s why this one was slightly modified. I have grown to love my Chet arms. 2 of the 4 Bigsbied guitars I own have them.


D’you know what? Looking at it a bit more it looks like your arm is a modified vintage fixed arm handle.


. Cut off the back section and drill a hole in the top bit and you have what you have.


D’you know what? Looking at it a bit more it looks like your arm is a modified vintage fixed arm handle.

– noggsly

That makes sense!


...excuse the crudity of the diagram....


I'll happily buy it.


My thoughts the minute I saw it, it's a modified fixed arm bolted to a standard swivel-type base. Done pretty nicely too.


I'll happily buy it.

– Proteus

It’s yours if you want it!


Now if they make a vintage wide that doesn’t break. They’ll be doing something

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