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What’s your record for playing the same set of strings?


My "log" is to date the insert from the pack of strings with a Magic Marker, and leave that in the case. Been doing that since 2004 when the size of the "collection" got away from me.

– Proteus

I keep the exact same log Tim, I've been doing it this way since the beginning!


I was going to stay away from this (though my Precision bass and Mr T's seem to be kindred spirits), but I got a call two weeks ago to come out with my trusty, reliable Takmine 12str, which would have made it the first time I've played her in public since 2009 or so.. I had a couple of day's lead time and so grabbed a set from my guy (btw- when exactly did mediums for a 12 get so darn expensive?) and got ready to do the swap. Took the Tak out of her case, strummed her once.... twice.... tweaked a couple of pegs to fix the tuning somewhat, then strummed her again.

And put the strings away in the case for next time.

I am surprised. What's on her are D'Addarios, but they really and truly do not need changing after nearly a decade in storage.

Color me amazed. I used to change 'em out monthly when we gigged regularly.

ON the other hand, my Gretsch needs new strings this month...


My Peavey (USA) fretless bass still has the same strings that were on it when I bought it about 25 years ago, although I have to admit it doesn't get played very often. I bought it cheap from a music shop that had been subjected to a robbery. It was described as "new but with superficial shotgun damage" -- none of your sneaky late night lock picking around here: give it both barrels, grab the good stuff and run. The Peavey bass obviously wasn't considered 'good stuff' -- it just sort of got caught up in the crossfire.


On a Gretsch...about 3 -4 shows. On a Fender...about 10 years. On a bass...FOREVER!


Over 40 years on my Tennessean. I don’t know if it counts here. I quit playing. The guitar mostly sat there years at a time without being touched and was rarely played once or twice a year for about 5-10 minutes and then put away.


Decades on some that don't get played often.

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