Other guitar-y things

What’s this gizmo on the headstock…


is it a variation on a string tree or something else?


Found this from an interview:

"On one guitar I have a tuning device that changes the tension on all the strings by the same amount, so I can go up or down incrementally. We do a lot of outdoor playing so temperatures affect the strings. With a quick one-knob adjustment I can bring the guitar up or down a half step. It is purely a mechanical system. I was going to build an automated tuning system for the market--a one-button system that would tune all your strings to a programmed, pre-determined tension. But in general my Les Pauls stay in tune so well I never bothered to develop it.

I have another device that lifts the string so there’s very little friction up at the nut, and a custom built roller bridge so there’s no friction at the bridge. It’s mostly things that make the guitar easier for me to play.

The open strings on a guitar are never going to be quite perfectly in tune. And what size string you use and some other factors affect this, but in general the G is often a little flat, the high E will often be sharp. So I changed the shape of the nut and added pieces of steel to the neck to lift the string. I even have a fake fret behind the second fret on the high E string, so when I play an open D chord the F-sharp will be a little bit flat, which puts it into mathematically perfect pitch for a D chord. "

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