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To get back to square one on this thread, that EH pedal suggested by Big_Burley seems to do exactly what's required. Thanks BB, I quite fancy playing around with one of those myself.


Paddywagon said: No one bothered to ask me what sort of application I was going to use this effect for or anything of the like
Why should anyone have to ask? If it's something you think is important to your question, maybe you should offer the info without making people play 20 questions.


PW, Half of the guys here like to have fun in a brotherly way, only a single child might not get the well intended mischief too well. I hope you can find the locker room towel snapping fun in good humor.. I apologize for my drive-by smart ass-isms, I enjoy that too much. SO... here is something you can spend

Since I love anything you can plug between a guitar and an amp I should have mentioned this right off the bat.. the most effective and single handed effect you can used for tone shaping in any situation is a graphic EQ in my book and if youre the type that doesnt want wacky things interfering with the tone of your guitar but still want something that will increase your amps/guitars tone - texture palette you need a graphic EQ in line with your guit/amp. Sadly most of the little boxes are limited, the sliders get bumped, you forget your settings etc.

I recommended this to a buddy that refused to use overdrive boxes that use clipping diodes or transistors in front of his Tophat King Royale amp. He wanted to swap between his gretsch anni and tele plus have multiple tone settings to cause the grey panel side of the amp to overdrive ala Brian May, and the topboost side of the amp to clean up in the snarky mids..

This(below) was the solution including a Lahle ABY switching pedal with isolation transformers to kill the 60cycle hum between the preamps and this programmable EQ. Its worth the money IMO and is my buddy's go to box (or was due to another device I wont mention, nyuk nyuk)


Wow. People need to chill out and learn to handle a little kidding around. IMO there was nothing wrong or malicious with posting a picture of a single coil pup. It was funny, and well duh, that's how you get a single coil sound, that's why it was funny. People like to kid around on here, if you've been on here for 2 years one would think you'd know that and not take things so personally.

And I also really want to try out the knockout pedal. I have the same problem where my band has a few songs that would sound better with a tele than my rhh but I dont want to switch guitars during my set.

MacStevenX111 said: if you've been on here for 2 years...

For the record, I began my career here on the Old GDP boards back in 2002...I re-registered a couple years back. So I know how things are around here...

MacStevenX111 said: And I also really want to try out the knockout pedal

Well, thanks to this thread and some of it's useful contributers, some useful info got through.

steve1088 said: maybe you should offer the info without making people play 20 questions.

That's just silly. I wanted to know the name of the effect and if anyone had tried one out...that simple. When I said nobody asked about what application, I was referring to the fact that I do in fact own BOTH single coil and humbucking guitars, and it was a matter of not having to switch guitars mid set.


Paddywagon said: For the record, I began my career here on the Old GDP boards back in 2002...I re-registered a couple years back. So I know how things are around here...
Then why get all defensive if you knew some people on here like to kid around? Were you just having a shitty day? Or could you not find the humor in their posts? Did you think they were actually trying to say the only way to get a single coil sound is with a single coil pup so why would you ask about an effect pedal?


Don't let it get to you Paddywagon, I feel like a complete dork these days when I post on the GDP because I actually LIKE talking about music and gear on guitar forums, that's what they're for, no?

I think it's easier to mimic a humbucker with a single coil pickup than the other way around : in any kind of humbucker, certain frequencies get canceled between the two coils, and if they're just not there, I don't think there's a magic gizmo that can just make them appear.

But a cleverly designed preset EQ like that EH pedal can probably do a half decent job. That said, the last two pedals I got from EH died after less than a year, they don't just seem cheap to get, but cheaply made too, buyer beware..


Hey Walter, what EH pedals? I'm thinking of getting a Memory Toy from them.


Memory toy lasted about three weeks, (but sounded great, ha!) Holier Grail about ten months.


Thanks, Walter.

WIREDTURTLE...I have no beef with you or anyone else here. The difference between YOUR post and the "smartass - holier than thou" pic of the e.q. is what is bothering me, and no one is picking up on it.

I would have not been so ticked off if the GDP member who merely posted a pic of an e.q. pedal would have said something like "...you know you can essentially get the same results with an e.q. pedal in my opinion...", or something to that effect (sort of like your explanation WIRED). I would have respected his opinion, just like I respected the member who suggested installing coil taps. These were all respectful and helpful suggestions...Instead, we get a link to an e.q. pic with no explanation whatsoever...which in my mind, is a holier than thou way of saying "dumbass, quit wasting your time with this gimmicky effect...everybody knows an e.q. does the exact same thing and will probably cost less money.

It just rubbed me the wrong way.

I'm not some rookie, green guitar player who doesn't know about guitar tones and such. I felt like all the "hot shots" were yucking it up at my expense.

I wish I could channel Proteus right now and relay some of his flowery verbage to explain my point, but I guess I hope some of you will understand.


Paddywagon, I believe that I do understand what you are saying. However, I also believe that it is possible that your sensitivities may be a bit raw at the moment and that actions that might have been typically brushed off by a thread author were misinterpreted as offensive conduct by you.

Let me give you an example. Check out this thread on Dusting Amps. The opening post poses a very reasonable question, yet the first reply post injects some humor into the thread. That first photograph then takes the thread in a complete derailment to young girls scantily clad in french maid outfits, which is a GDP tradition (derailment, that is; not scantily clad french maids!...although, now that I think about it, maybe it should become one.) The author of that thread apparently understood that the posters in that thread (myself included) were just having good natured banter in the thread. Tavo described it as locker room towel-snapping. Great analogy. Eventually, the thread got back on track and information was provided to the thread's author.

I think that the photographs of the EQ pedal and the single coil pickup were intended as nothing more than injecting some light-hearted playfulness into the thread. Again, good natured towel-snapping. I don't believe that anyone that posted those photographs evidenced any ill-will towards you. Kind of like if I had created a thread asking, "How can I get my guitar to sound like a single coil pup'd guitar?" Someone would say, playfully, "You do it by putting a single coil pup in the guitar." As someone said, kind of like "Duh," yet not in a mean-spirited manner. Just kidding around.

One of the beauties of this site, the GDP, is that the administrator, Bax, doesn't close down threads. He lets them work their way out where members resolve their differences amicably. I think that is what needs to be done here. You have expressed the offense which you took, the posters and others have indicated that there was no offense intended by the posts, and maybe you can find a way to accept those statements at face value and allow everyone to move on. There should be no long-term harm come out of this thread which, in my mind, is nothing more than a misunderstanding.


Thanks, Ric...like I said, I have no beef and I'm good.


My reply got buried! Oh well I tried.


As I was reading this thread last Sunday, I was thinking of mentioning the graphic EQ. But then, scrolling down, I saw that it had already been tossed in.

Now, thanks to ROP, I've heard the Knockout. IMHO, it sounds like the mid scoop you could get with the EQ. But with a more extreme smiley-shape on a graphic you could also have a poor man's acoustic simulator. I'm not knocking the Knockout. It seems to work as advertised. To me, the appeal of the graphic EQ is that you could find other uses for it.

I like to add humour to some threads too, I'm afraid. But I try to keep from coming across as superior by occasionally tossing in misinformation or lame advice (aka "being wrong"). I find it to be effective--especially in keeping me humble!

Best of luck to you Paddywagon--hope you find something that works for you. That is the bottom line.


Geez, Tavo, did you have to select a photograph of a boxer whose gloves clash with her trunks (or whatever one might call those shorts that she is wearing)? Please!


hey, they cut off her box!

hey, they cut off her box!

There is no box. It's a Crying Game thing.

(Is that a thread killer?)


Yeah--I'm reviving a year-old thread for one reason. I was searching for info on the effect that paddywagon had asked about, and found this forum while searching Google. After reading some of the replies, then the whining about the fun in good jest--I had to register to reply. LIGHTEN UP! It's a freaking forum! People like to have some good-natured fun sometimes. None of it was disrespectful at all. Jeez--get your panties out of the wad they're in. Concerning the other posts recommending you post more info about your rig, desired outcome, etc...and you replied with "why should I have to post that?" Well, how is anybody supposed to know? There are no mind readers here. Again--LIGHTEN UP! If you're after a certain sound, and nobody knows your current guitar and rig--how the hell is anybody supposed to offer logical and related info? Asking everyoe to play the 20 questions game is stupid and helps nobody. In fact, that reply just opened the door for the light-hearted jabs people started taking at you. It like asking, "I'm looking to replace the pickup in my guitar. What do you recommend and why?" 1. Nobody knows what guitar you have. 2. Nobody knows what tone you're chasing. 3. Nobody knows what amp you're running through. 4. Nobody knows what effects you use.

Get the idea?

I know this thread is a year old, but I hope that members can learn from the replies in here, plus what I posted about properly asking questions to get the best responses.

Cheers to all!

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