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what’s the best pedal for dead on Magnatone vibrato>


The Magnavibe by "Bigfoot Fx" is good. Not dead on, but pretty good. I've had one on my pedalboard for years.

I'd like to try the "Maggie" by a company called Bigtone music, but I haven't yet.

I think those two are probably your best options.


+1 on magnavibe...by itself, it sounds good, but hear it in a mix with other instruments and it comes alive..shades of lonnie mack

there was also a texas company that was making very well regarded maggie pedals..but guy died..i'd imagine they are hard to come by these days...austone vibro-stomp!

haven't tried bigtone..but just the fact that it's a true stereo maggie vibrato..makes me want to..

new maggie reissue amps sound great too..and look super cool besides..pricey tho



I also vote for the Bigfoot Fx Magnevibe.

I think that really good Leslie emulators are better, but that's not what Robert Ward and Lonnie Mack used.



if there were one that also had trem, that would be ideal. i just like the idea of having 2 fx in one, instead of 2 separate boxes


"Maggie", to my ears, is the way to go without the real deal.


The Gas Fx Knee Trembler (made by GDP-member Shuggie) is a great and absolutely amp-like sounding unit and does it perfectly to my ears


I saw some Shuggie pedal.. somewhere. But I am fixated on combination pedals... I want one w/ trem and vib both. just like I want reverb and delay both. A big rock and roll pedal rack I do not want.


I use the Bigfoot Magnavibe all the time. Not quite the in amp effect, but close.

What's missing of course is how the effect integrates with the amp circuit. On my twilighter 260, that meant a particular type of sound with volume up high. The vibe effect is mono, but it seems active and slippery, skids around while you play.

The trick to getting the Magnavibe closer is to add a little gain ahead of it. In my case, TIM clean boost is always on, with the gain knob set low (9 oclock). When the Magnavibe goes on, TIM gain goes up to 10:30 or so. That's the sound I remember from owning magnatones.

Would love to try the Bigtone pedal as well. Had the vibrostomp, didn't care for it. BTW, if you want an equally interested trem effect, try the Alexander Equilibrium. Has both a mix and depth knob, plus the ability to fine tune wave shape (not a series of settings). It's just as good as the Magnavibe, in a trem sort of way. Room shaking sounds! MD


Wouldn't the best pedal for Magnatone vibrato be the one attached to a Magnatone amp?



Maybe. I had two Magnatones. Neither one came with the footswitch ... had to turn on vibe at the panel.

Now I have the pedal, but no magnatone! MD


Check out the Amptweaker Swirlpool...it does a ton of stuff and can cop a Maggie type sound...

The Bearfoot Mint Green Mini Vibe can get you kind of close as well but adds its own thing that's really cool...

I have the Austone Vibro Stomp...it's bad ass

The Bigfoot Magnavibe kills as well...Seems like everyone likes that one...


I was gonna say Magnavibe but I'll also add the Big Tone Maggie pedal


– Mark Nason

Love me my Maggie pedal set to minimal speed & depth in Stereo with two amps. Great subtle Stereo soundscape you can live inside. Also, if you run it in Stereo with both outputs going into a single channel (like using both hi and lo inputs) it yields a fat Univibe-like phase shift with pitch bend. Very psychedelic.


I have a Bigtone Maggie pedal, but I'm having issues where too much bass/low overtones come through and there's a "wanc" overtone on each string. Not sure I'm digging the Maggie in my setup.

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