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What’s the amp at 9:16?


It looks like a fender deluxe reverb on a stand.


You mean right after the slapping spoons solo? Can't see well enough but it looks Fenderish.


If it's not a deluxe reverb, maybe a vibrolux reverb but I doubt it. It's a fender with six knobs on the vibrato channel and two diagonal rows of words for the name. This takes out the twin and super reverbs (seven knobs) and a dual showman head as the "dual" would be horizontal. It doesn't look like a pro reverb either.


I thought you were joking about the spoon solo. While Myron Floren and his accordion dominate the tune, that electric mando is interesting. It might not even be a Fender amp---control plate looks flat, not angled.


Actually one Welk band guitarist was an early Strat adopter, ca. 1955.


Buddy Merrill...1955

...several YouTubes out there.

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