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What to know about buying an Echoplex?


Yeah I've done the reel to reel thing. It sounds great. I'm interested in the Echoplex for all the irrational reasons discussed in this thread.


Thanks Fred. I've enjoyed your videos on Instagram. I don't suppose you want to donate your spare Echoplex to a lonely geologist in Mississippi?

– Otter

I’d love to lend it you if you were in driving distance. But alas Miss is a bit too far away.

I hope you get that EP3. The preamp quality is the special sauce. Hopefully it’s in good working order. Let me know if you need any help/advice when you get it.

As Bo Diddley said “Toin’ it up”.


I had a Schober Reverbatape years ago. Limited but it got me wanting a echoplex

 photo 324are2.jpg

I’ve still got my reel to reel. Only used it for recording thou.

Effects pedals photo c073re2.jpg

Here’s my echoplex

 photo EchoplexEP3HarrisTeller.jpg

The sound on sound worked when I got it serviced but I can’t figure out how to get it going again.


There’s one on reverb . They look amazing!


– eCastro

THAT is one cool box, don't believe I have ever seen one of those or I would have already had one, wow, great thread !!


Well the Echoplex showed up last week, and the tape arrived today (it's complicated). Having a lot of fun this evening...


I can smell it from here.


FedEx literally smashed the box it came in, so I got the full dose of rebuilding an Echoplex as soon as it arrived. Luckily the wood cabinet absorbed the worst of it, so I only had to remount the motor, reattach the circuit boards, and respool the drive belt. I still need to reassemble the cabinet, but FedEx covered the full value so I don't mind so much.

Free Echoplex is Best Echoplex.


That gave you an intimate knowledge of the mechanics of the thing, which you were anxious for anyway.

But a pox on FedEx, huh?


Well at least FedEx covered the full insured value. The seller had them package the item, so they took full responsibility.

And yes, I got intimate with the mechanics, which I probably wouldn't have done for years otherwise. It's not terribly complicated, I'm just glad the electronics are intact, as they're considerably more intricate.

All's well that ends well. The worst of the damage was the cabinet, which I can fix well enough. Credit to the design, realigning the motor mounts was easy enough, and now it runs like a top.


That’s some rough handling ...

Great that you are a man with skills. One has turned up here but without a lid


An anagram of FedEx is defex. Just sayin'....

Glad it turned out OK.

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