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What material strings do you use and for what style


Recently changed to Pure Nickel strings on my duo jet im liking the change though at times i miss the brightness of the ones i had on it before. Just interested to see what everyone else thinks and has experienced


I usually use D'Addarios, steel core/nickel wound. I tried some Rotosound pure nickel strings recently and while I liked the sound, they felt a bit flimsy and quite rough, especially the unwound strings.


I don't play in any paticular style, mostly fingerpicking or arpeggio type flatpicking, but I stick to pure nickel strings because they are easier on the fret wear than stainless steel strings.


On a guitar with adjustable polepieces I like nickel wound.

On a guitar with flat pickups I use nickel plated steel wound sets for balance, since I can't balance the polepieces.

Currently on my Gretsch I've got Gretsch "Chet Atkins," in 11's, which are nickel. They work good for me.


I use the intestines from babies on all my guitars and I play in psycho style !#$@%


My primarry style is country music, but I also like '50's rock, some classic jazz standards, and a little fingerstyle. My current strings of choice are Fender 350L stainless steel strings in .009-.042. I like their brightness and long life.


thomastick blues sliders .010-.048 nickel with silk inlays on wound strings

These strings really changed my life


oh and these days I play mostly jazz, blues and a little rockabilly


i use nickel-plated steel roundwound strings. for many years i've been using Ernie Ball Regulars, having abandoned D'Addarios because i don't like that hi-fi tone and because they die out too quickly under my sweaty hands; lately i've been going over to GHS Boomers, which are livelier and IMO a nice compromise between EBs and D'As. for me, pure nickels are insufficiently bright and stainless steels too bright. the exception to this is my Pro Jet with Dynas, on which i like the pure nickel wound Gretsch Chet Atkins strings. i also use these on my Tele sometimes because it can be overwhelmingly trebly; by contrast, i like the plated strings on the Strats because they emphasize the upper partials. i play a variety of styles, but my own compositions are in the pop, rock, and experimental genres.


I used to break D'Addarios just looking at them (.10s). I shifted to Ernie Ball in the late 1980s and never looked back. Nickel wound. Feel great and never break. I haven't thought about strings in a while. Maybe I should try something new. silk inlays? wow.


D'Addario EXL110s on everything.They sound good,hold tune,and don't break.Not the cheapest,but back in the day I paid as much (adjusted for inflation) for ONE set of Gibson Hi-Fi Flatwounds as I do now for a dozen sets of EXL110s.


Well ya know...the choice of strings is generally specific to the guitar. And as the guys are saying, you can use the brightness/mellowness of particular string compositions to fine-tune the tone of a particular guitar.

And, since our body chemistries differ, a brand and formulation that works for one guy may not work for the next. (As an example, Ernie Balls sound like dog to me, wear out overnight, and break the next night.)

I string lots of guitars, and at any given time I'll have a default choice for a particular sort of instrument, then vary from that default if it doesn't work on a specific guitar.

These days, it's Chet Atkins 11s (which are pure nickel) on most guitars, swapping to D'Addario XL if the Chets are too dark. And if they feel too stiff (as on some 25.5" scale guitars, for reasons that aren't clear to me), I'll go with D'Addario 10.5 - 50.

Flatwounds on particular guitars I know like them.

So - if you haven't honed in on your default set, you've got some experimenting to do. You might order some of each (from those guys suggest here) from www.juststrings.com - and find out what works for you.


I use DR 11-50 Hi-Beams on mine and so far, I like the tone. It's bright, but even-handed (as long as I am) and the 50 is big enough to drop-D for my older stuff without getting to wiggly on me. I can also bend a half-step with ease, but that's not saying much, because I'm usually trying to NOT bend the string whenever I am forming a chord.

Were it a different guitar, like a Strat or my old Dean, I'd play 10s, but I like the 11s on the 5120.


the other thing i should have mentioned is that i stick to electric strings that are commonly available excepting the Chets, a stash of which i have that i won at one of the Roundups...i don't want to wind up hunting for Rotosounds, Thomastiks, or some other relatively arcane brand of strings out in Modesto.


I'm also a pure nickel guy. I like the added warmth and string dynamics I get. I feel I can get a little more out of how hard or soft I hit the strings.


New EB Cobalts....IMO,best thing for magnets since they were first installed in guitars.


At MDWill: interested in trying those.

Care to expand?


At MDWill: interested in trying those.

Care to expand?

– megabutter

At MDWill: interested in trying those.

Care to expand?

– megabutter

Sorry Mega,just seen this.Well honestly the only guitar so far that I have them on is my Penguin.Haven't got the chance to change them out on my Filtered Nashville yet.I usually use the reg.EB or D'Adarrio.These new Cobalts seems there's just more 'attraction' so to speak between this alloy and the mags.Super clean,crisp and much clearer than what I normally use.Overall sound enhancement...to my ears anyway.May actually try a set on the 6114 next as with the PUP's and the way I have it totally set up to play dirty,hard R&R ,I'm really interested myself to hear what comes of it.

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