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What Is A Used Gretsch/TKL Case Worth?


I purchased a cowboy case for my 6122- '59 reissue a couple of years ago. A good friend is needing a case for a Country Gentleman he inherited from his Dad. I bought my guitar new in 2004, and I still have the standard black TKL case. It is in fairly decent shape. I don't think it has any tears or anything. I would like to give my friend a good deal, so what do you think would be a good price?


That’s kinda what I’m thinking. $50-$75. Thanks.


Depends on how good of a friend he is.


Depends on how good of a friend he is.

– wabash slim

Yep, that has a lot to do with it. And, he is a good friend, so, I’ll make him a good deal. Thanks.


A friend? 50.00 to 75.00. A good friend? A gift.


Standard black TKL style cases are usually $100 new. When they come in used with a guitar we value them at $40-50 at my shop. If it's never been used I'd say 50 is a good price for a friend. If it was a stranger I think 75 is acceptable.


I guess it depends on which model case, I've had to purchase 2 cases over the last decade - one for my Epi Emperor, the other for my D12-35.

Those cases are a bit more, ... larger instruments.

The Epi was a Super Jumbo ($150), the 12-er an odd, deep, Slope Shoulder ($170).

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