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New bee day


Started two new hives. Yippie!


Apiary day, no skep for you!


Bees! I keep reading about colony collapse.

But let's mark the occasion with this cut from the Kingbees... the great Jamie James (friend of Brian Setzer) even tho he's mostly a Fender guy.


A buddy of mine has a half dozen colonies. He says started them due to the bees dying off. I think his main reason was to make mead to go along with his beer and wine making hobby.

I've never seen hives with roofs like those---or as decorated so nicely.


Or something by BEE BEE King might be appropriate.


Every time a pass an apiary I get the hives.

Couldn't help it, I'll go now.


My father was a beekeeper before he married my mother and then in retirement. Eventually he had nearly a hundred hives. He sold his honey and other bee products at famers' markets. While I helped him sometimes, I never took to the hobby. Good luck with your new avocation. I do miss the fresh honey. Store bought stuff just isn't the same.


Actually, I think this Is purported to be the first fuzz guitar recorded in a popular song dating to 1961. Famous Nashville session man, Grady Martin, was originally plugged directly into the channel insert of the mixing board with a conventional guitar when the engineer realized that the channel was going bad. Grady said "wait a sec" and switched over to his Danelectro six-string bass to play the solo in the song. The fault in the channel circuit was analyzed and duplicated as an "original circuit design" and marketed to Gibson - considered the direct precursor to the famous FZ-1.

Oh great, whoever posted that "2000lb Bee was the first popular song with fuzz" deleted the post... Granted that Dano six-string bass sounds big enough to actually be a one-ton bee.


Been keeping them since 1980 as a hobby. My old stuff was worn out. Started fresh.


Have you seen this Munman? Honey tap

Looks like a pretty good ideal to me.


. Stubert? Yes ive seen flow hive. Has hits and misses. Im old fashion. No plastic. Just pine and beeswax. Plastic can be problematic. Draining honey thats not finished, will ruin your batch.


Stubert was joking re: a play on words.

Bee Day = bidet

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