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What fuzz pedal should I get?


One of the guys in my band is working on learning "Don't worry about me" by Marty Robbins, I told him I'd buy a fuzz pedal for the turnaround if he wants to start doing it when we play out.


Hard to go wrong with a EHX Little Big Muff. All the muddy muck and dirt you need without needing a special power supply. Easy to to sell too if you want to get rid of it.


I just ordered this one the other day. I wanted an old school germanium type without spending a lot of money. It’s no Fuzzrite but maybe has that vibe.


Love Marty Robbins!

I think that's a baritone guitar, for starters. Then you need a fuzz that you can dial most of the high end out. I've been thru alot of fuzzes over the years, and this was never one of the tones I was "going for" (and some people say it's actually a blown speaker on the recording, not a fuzz), but I can tell you my most recent fuzz pedal, the Danelectro Eisenhower, can do this sound. It's got a great EQ section (bass and treble), which makes it very versatile to get similar sounds to various fuzzes (from buzzsaw to wooly). I know Dano makes cheap stuff, but seriously, this is a really good fuzz pedal, and likely my last one. It also, with certain settings and if you play higher up on the neck, especially with the neck pickup, has an octave effect, like the Octavia (but this is not an Octavia, or the Octavia circuit)

The online demos are good.


More research has uncovered that it was Grady Martin playing a 6-string bass, with a blown speaker. Later on, to reproduce it live, they used the Bosstone Fuzz (according to one of the band members).

From what I read, the Voodoo Labs Superfuzz (not their Bosstone, interestingly) nails this sound.
Used, $75 https://reverb.com/p/voodoo...

Or you could buy a kit for $50 at general guitar gadgets, and wire it up yourself in an hour. https://store.generalguitar...


I have a Strymon Riverside which is billed as overdrive/distortion.

It does a lot of fun stuff. However it is also expensive. For a song or two, it probably is not worth the price. My suggestion would be to go with ruger9's thoughts.


Here is a video of Ronny Robbins doing "Don't Worry About Me" on Country's family reunion, Jimmy Capps does a might fine job on the turnaround on his Stratocaster, that is the first time I ever saw Jimmy use a distortion pedal.


Geezman, where do you get a VOICE like that? Justain't fair.


I love the Big Muff style fuzz but associate it more with stoner rock and Pink Floyd. It might be a bit dark and muddy and way too compressed for that song. If you want a fuzz for that maybe a Fuzz Face would suit? Trouble with a Fuzz Face is that it might be too bright! I think you'd want something with a tone control and less fuzz - that's definitely in the fuzz camp but not very compressed.

So after looking at Prymaxe's website I have found a couple of inexpensive fuzz pedals which I hope would do the trick: The Electro-Harmonix Flatiron fuzz and the Animals Pedal: Fishing is as Fun as Fuzz.

The Flatiron is basically EH's take on a Rat pedal, so more of a distortion than a true fuzz. But I reckon it would get pretty close to the sound you need. And it's $73!

The Animals Pedal is not one I have tried in person but they are good pedals (I've played others in their range) and they often design with the guy from Skreddy who REALLY knows his fuzz! From the demos I have heard I suspect this pedal would get you as close as you need as it's not super high gain and buzzy. Also it doesn't sound too thin. It still has that classic fuzz loose low end which is what makes a fuzz different from an overdrive or distortion. I think it should sound fuzzy enough for the song without sounding like death metal. And still under $100.

I hope this helps.

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