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what cuts guards


What kind of machine is use to make pickguards... They have sheets of the material ... but the shape of the guard is done, then the screw holes, knob/jack holes, and pickup cut out is done. What does all this stuff?


Setzer. It’s cheaper than a band saw, a router, a drill press and hospital bills.


But I’m slow as hell!


I’ve had to slow down my process. I’m not as young (accurate) as I used to be.

I’d try to fly thru orders and ended up messing up and having to start over. Wasting time, energy and materials. It made it not so much fun anymore. So now I feel like have to be in the mood to do things like this now. Plus when doing stuff like this by hand you need to be careful. Don’t want to lose a digit!!!


What I meant was what kind of machine or press is used in big operations like WD, etc. or smaller like Pickguardian, or a Setzer operation.

How are they chopped out? I am clueless.


I've used a scroll saw, and drilled the holes on a drill press. The trick seems to be to go slowly. The rounded edges are the really hard part. In an industrial system, it'd likely be computer controlled CNC.


A router with the desired bit mounted on a table works. Files, rasps, and blades, depending on material and how many ply you're talking.


WD makes great guards and does well in the parts game. I'm guessing that all that hand work will be replaced with CNC machines at some point. For new guards all they need is a good scanner and a tool path dooood. Thing is they have no competition and turn out a perfect product but it's labor intensive. Machines are cheap, people aren't and they talk. All the yapping will drive you nuts.


Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica


I kind of still do mine this way. Skip to page 4 Link

I don’t predrill anymore. And I’ve learn to do some things differently.


Scroll saw....formerly called jig saws until eveybody started calling saber saws jig saws....like the bass guitar thing!


Vinyl is soft enough to drill with regular bits if you're careful. For harder plastics you should get a plastic bit which has a different taper on the tip. A Dremmel with a sanding drum is handy...especially for Strat shaped pickups.


Billy, +1 for the Dremel and Fender pickguards. I have had pretty good results using the sanding drum at a lower speed to shape and widen pickup cutouts, for example.

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