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Well, heck… I needed a buffer all along.


I had always been told that a Boss TU tuner pedal had a buffer built in, and it's first in my chain, so that SHOULD be good. Yesterday, I built a couple of the Pete Cornish LD-1 style buffers and dropped on in front of my pedal board. WHOA! Big difference in presence and clarity. I tried the other one at the end of the chain, and just a tiny difference. But I noticed it will help take the dullness out of even just a 20 foot cable. Essential piece of gear!


I just recently got a boss tu pedal.

JB, got some pics of your builds you would care to share? Im always interested in seeing and hearing about devices like this.


I use a home-built Klon clone pedal as my pre-amp. It has an always-on buffer and so enhances my tone whether the main circuit is on or off.


Paul, I had two "junk" JHS mini buffer boxes, because they are apparently not good quality, and not repairable, due to the SMD components. I gutted them and built these kits for inside.



After realizing my Boss DM-3 made my rig sound better, I built the Seltzer's Tonic, an active buffer built into an FX loop switching box. Nice to have a buffer pedal for a tape echo unit or reverb tank, although I'm pretty happy w the Boss pedal at the end of my signal chain.

I dont miss the buffer I had to use in the Dorm room's for college though


I tried one at the end of my pedal board... and I'll be darned if it didn't make a big difference there, too. Now, my tone is almost the same as going straight into the amp with a good cable.


Thanks for the links Josh. Which kit versions did you use?

Tavo I remember those! Dangerous


I used that exact kit that I linked to. Next time, I may try to do a dual buffer in a 1590A mini box.


Hey Josh, just wondering, how many pedals are we talking about here?


I have a wah, compressor, tuner, clean boost, OD, Dist, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, so 9 or 10.

But the buffer even makes a difference on a single 20 foot guitar cable. It isn't just a loss in treble, it's a loss in tough sensitivity and dynamics.


In the link there's a printed pcb fairy dust buffer and one that looks like a strip board called Cornish Buffer Kit.


They are the same kit, so I opted for the pre-made PCB version. I think they all work pretty similarly. There are some comparisons on Youtube. The JHS buffer is a popular choice, too.


I have a great little buffer called Paco from Himmelstutz. But i rarely need a buffer because I usually only ever have 2-3 pedals in front of my amp, all TBP. I can switch Paco on and off to hear any difference and so far with just 2-3 pedals I prefer without the buffer.

However should I ever start to use more pedals, and possibly of lower quality than I currently use, I will use Paco because he makes everything sound good.


SO. First gig with a buffer at each end of my pedal board. Whoa! The sparkle are nuance and dynamics are great!! My 6120 is a living, breathing being!

Also, I switched from a JBL floor wedge to a Hot Spot 7 mounted between my mic stand and boom. LOVE it! No trouble at all hearing my vocals, where as before, I struggles maybe 20-30% of the time. It also cleans up the FOH mix considerably. Awesome.


If anyone needs one (actually TWO in one box), I built up a couple of extras for sale in the Garage Sale Section.


Has anyone ever used or is currently using the Empress bufffer plus?


I receive mine from Josh a couple of weeks ago and will use it for this first time this weekend!


Here's a picture of my messy board with JB's buffer. It's signed by Josh on the bottom!

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